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of how I feel about
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Testimonials & Quotes

Dr. Tony W.D.O. (Age 44)

"I've known Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner for many years. In a few sessions, she brought me more awareness of how I was bringing grief to my own life. She gave me exercises and tools that I needed to practice, and continue to practice, that have helped me bring the light of joy into my own life more. While joy and happiness is the goal, I now have peace with my past, present and future."

"What lies
behind us and
what lies
before us are
small matters
to what lies
within us."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Angie S.Interior Designer (Age 51)

"At first I was nervous about doing the session work, but after just 3 sessions I noticed positive life changes and felt more confident in myself. It helped me realize the origin of many of my problems right away, and I saw how I was playing victim and giving others my power. After just a few more sessions I had the courage to leave the relationship that was bad for me and I finally attracted a more loving and compatible relationship. I would highly recommend this work to anyone, no matter their struggles in life. I am so thankful for the clarity of the information I gained from this work."

"The only way
I will ever
be great
to myself
is not what
I do to my body,
but what
I do to my mind."

Aksana C.Natural Doctor (Age 64)

"Dr. Sherri's excellent coaching skills are very effective in producing positive results. Her sessions are animated and informative. Sherri has a way of communicating that breaks through barriers. I felt this was a valuable life skills class which helped me become a better person! This is one class everyone should take!"

will work
you do."
—Maya Angelou

Brandy M.Accountant (Age 37)

"I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was struggling with time management and parenting. After taking just a few classes I noticed that I started feeling more empowered and stopped blaming myself for things that happened in the past. I decided to start using what I learned to create my future. It takes time and daily work, but is worth every moment."

"Every single
cell in our body is
spying on our
—Dr. Joe Dispenza

Victoria M.Natural Professional (Age 28)

"Taking Dr. Sherrilyn’s introductory to Self-Mastery has helped me change my life, FAST! Taking this course has helped heighten my self-awareness which has changed the relationships in my life for the better, propelled me into the career I love and helped me begin to break free from a lifetime of living for others. She is helping me learn how to live the life I have always dreamed of!"

"Of course we
have free-will.
Free-will resides
in our frontal
cortex (lobe),
and we can
train ourselves
to make more
intelligent choices
and to be
conscious of
the choices
we're making."
—Candace Pert, PhD