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Teaching Note:
Free-Will & Self-Responsibility; Your Truth & Beliefs

Welcome back.

Again, Let’s Start with Setting Intentions — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear in this podcast to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it. Remember, to practice using 1st party and setting intentions until they become automatic. When you use these practices, you create life rather than react to it.

Okay, so, in this episode, we are looking at Are These My New Year’s Resolutions? So, after practicing your 1st party language, and getting quiet so as to listen to your body, you should be in a good space to understand Why you think you want what you think you want. But we are going to really dive deeper into programming here.

So, We want to take a look at why you think you want, what you think you want. And to figure this out, let’s ask some Questions—

Why do you desire what is on this NY’s list? Is it bc it is what you want? OR is it what
you think someone expects of you? Or is it bc society expects it?

Let’s take a deeper look at You and start to see some truths.

One truth is that we all have what is known as Free Will. So, you are allowed to want what you want, and no one has a right to tell you that you cant want that. This is the right of every human.

This truth is in connection with Self-Responsibility.

So, You have Free Will, and then take full responsibility for all that you experience, which is your creation. This includes EVERYTHING — Whether you like it or not. You are the creator of your life via thoughts you think, the feelings you feel and your actions.

So, who controls your thoughts? You!

Or you should answer in 1st party —Me, only I control my thoughts. These thoughts create feelings, which create actions or reactions.

There really is no way around this that I have found, and I have been searching for years and years. Of course, you are welcome to try to find a way around it, bc again, you have the human right of free will.

But for now, I share with you that this is my truth— thoughts are vibrational frequencies and with every thought there is a feeling. These feelings can be subtle, or not so subtle. And when I think a thought and notice how I feel about it, it helps me gain clarity to whether it resonates with me.

This helps me know my Truth.

For example: When I knew I wanted my life to change, and I was exposed to the truth of Free Will thru my studies with TFU (see link in show notes). I started realizing that I could redefine the roles I play — such as wife, mother, daughter, sister, american, woman.

This was a revelation! I have the power to define how I live? Wow! This was a freedom that I didn’t even know was there. I have Free Will. I have the right to redefine the roles I play and so I began to do this. And continually do this as I evolve. This is true empowerment. Staying present helps me do this, like I notice how I feel about the characteristics of each role. Which of course, are quite complex, but little by little I was able to change the roles I play.

So, look at the roles you play. What do you like about the roles, and what about these roles do you want to redefine?

Start with a list of the roles you play. Here are some examples: Child, or son/daughter, sibling or brother/sister, mother, father, adult, spouse, home owner, pet owner, boyfriend, girlfriend —and then you could go into your career— what is that for you?

And whatever else you can think of that is a personal one to you.

Now, How can you redefine each of these roles to suit you?

To help explain, here is a personal example: As a woman, I thought I needed to take care of everyone whether or not I wanted to and whether or not they wanted me to. So, After this new enlightenment or learning —that I had Free Will— I took it in and am now empowered with it. Meaning that I don’t take care of everyone, especially if I don’t want to or they don’t want me to. I started asking myself the question— “Do I want to do this? Am I in the right energy to be helpful? Will it be received with gratitude?” & then of course, I listen. And it’s more that I am listening to how I feel, meaning in my body. Again, this takes practice.

The second part of this teaching note is finding your truth within your beliefs. Ok, so research at this time shows that most of our core beliefs were programmed by the age of 5. So, what are the dysfunctional beliefs that you picked up before the age of 5 that don’t serve you? This is where you will need to start observing and asking yourself whether or not this belief works for you or doesn’t work for you. Once you start taking a closer look into how you live and what you believe, and question it, you will begin to see your truth. So, pick one role for now, and ask yourself the question, “What is not working for me here? “ and then listen.

For example: When I was little, it took me more time then most to understand something, and my grades weren’t as high as my siblings, so I believed I wasn’t as smart as everyone else.

Ok, so this is a dysfunctional belief and would keep me in a state of struggle and feeling less than everyone else, which in fact it did keep me in that state, well into my 30s. However, after doing some coaching work, I was able to understand that it wasn’t true and I am able to understand all sorts of things I want to understand.

There are still things I choose not understand due to lack of interest, but again, that goes into my Free Will.

So take some time to begin to notice what is working for you and what isn’t. This is going to be a daily task for a good long while. Start this process, by allowing yourself to see the beliefs that do not serve you. Again, Set Intentions. Use the exercises that you are learning here aka enlightenment. And put them to use in your life, aka empowerment. So, like this: “I am allowing myself to see my dysfunctional beliefs that do not serve me.”

Then make a note so you remember to continue to notice as you rewire your beliefs by creating new behaviors that change the result of your daily experience.

I would like to stress the importance of empirical data. Empirical data means to use what you are learning, and see how it works for you. Then continue to tweak it to work even better for you.

I would also suggest that you start to journal on this so you can see your progress.

So, that’s it for the teaching note. The results of utilizing these concepts and exercises should help you find the truth and answer the question — Are These My New Year’s Resolutions?.

Now, for further explanation of the concepts and exercises … let’s go into a discussion with Christine Marie…

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