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Teaching Note:
Everything is Energy; Universal Law Of Attraction (aka: LOA) & Law of Detachment; as well as You are Perfect/I Am Perfect (relating to having all the elements needed)

Welcome, or Welcome back.

Again, Let’s Start with Setting Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear in this podcast to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

Again, Practice Practice Practice. This is to rewire your brain pathways, and will make these new behaviors permanent. Which is what you are searching for if you are listening to this podcast —You attracted this because of Law of Attraction.

Which brings us into what we are covering in this episode— Attracting Results for My New Year’s Resolutions.

So, after practicing your 1st party language; gaining clarity by getting quiet and listening to hear your truth; understanding Free Will and self-responsibility; as well as your truth and beliefs, we will now be getting into how to attract the results you want.

So, Let’s get started. First a basic science teaching Note:

Everything is made from what we call energy. Not to get too scientific, but just so you understand, You are made of energy, your Thoughts are made of energy, your Feelings are made of energy. The rate at which the energy is vibrating is what makes things different. The highest vibrational frequency is what we call unconditional love. This is just a quick teaching note on energy, because there is lots more on this, but we have much to cover here so you can begin to understand how to attract results for your New Year’s Resolutions, which is why we are here today.

Now that you know that everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies, and you also know that you are the creator of your reality via the thoughts you think because you have Free Will to choose those thoughts. And with the Free Will you take full responsibility for the thoughts you choose to think of yourself and others and your life, as well as your actions and reactions which we call behaviors. So this is what is causing your life to be as it is now. What are you attracting now, that you like? Think about it? What do you like? What makes you feel good? What are you grateful for? Try to come up with a list. Just a short list. If you can only think of one thing, that is fine— this is just to help you start to learn about you and what you like and what you want.

Now, think about what you don’t like? What do you want to change? What in your daily life is dysfunctional? Remember in the previous teaching note that most of your beliefs were programmed before the age of 5, so this is part of your evolution and your responsibility to take a close look at your current experience and notice what is and isn’t working for you.

Again, we need to Start with your thoughts and what you are attracting while you are thinking — this of course also goes into what you are talking about as well. Because what you are talking about is what you are thinking about.

Now, let’s get back to LOA, remember, that stands for Law of Attraction, because that is what needs to be understood at a level of belief— a belief without question. LOA is working all the time, whether you know about it or not. Just like gravity is working all the time. Again, there is more on all that, but we need to stay on track.

Let’s do an example for LOA: Let’s say you have a cluster of energy — picture it like clay, molding clay. And all you have to do, to create what you want with this clay, is to think the thought and the lump of clay will turn into it.

So, like this: I am looking at a lump of clay on the ground in front of me, and what I want the clay to turn into is a— blank —you fill in the blank— all you have to do is think that thought with a level of belief that will put the energy into that form. So, for me, I think of a robot … and then, there it is, standing right in front of me, programmed and ready to do as I command.

Ok, yes, if only it were that easy, right? Well, it can be, almost— it just depends on the level of belief, and I’m not saying it is magical clay, the clay is really just standing in for the power of energy and information or vibration. It is, and I am referring to your desired experiences, at the moment the un-manifested. However, once we get to the understanding that energy plus, belief in creation and the allowing of law of attraction to work, the completion of the transaction will manifest.

Maybe you can think of something already that you just knew would happen, this can be good or bad which is only judgement, but it happened and it is really because of this law and the belief that it would happen. Take a moment and know that this is true. There have been many writings thru the years on how this occurs. One recent book, and many of you may have heard of the book or movie, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, —i’ll put a link in the show notes & it’s on the HLS reading list. This book talks about the law of attraction. Law of Attraction can basically be defined as vibrations of the same, attracting to each other. This is also discussed in a more recent book titled Becoming Supernatural, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. There are many more books that cover this Law, but really I am only just looking to break it down here for you, LOA is Like vibrations attracting to each other. This is just how it works.

Let’s begin to get this wired in to your neural nets— also known as your brain.

Alright, so, starting with your thoughts— Your thoughts are key to getting what you want. And if you want some help with this, HLS offers a great tool to begin programming or rewiring your thoughts, it’s called the I Am Notebook. It’s designed as a controlled writing meditation because you physically write out the phrasing… and remember from the first episode discussion that the words “I AM” are creation words. So, that is why it is titled the I Am Notebook. If you decide to get the notebook, and again, I’ll put a link in the show notes, You just take which phrases resonate with you and then write them down— I recommend blue ink — Another note here is that physically writing creates more power than typing, because you use more muscles to write than you do to type. This is a physical exercise that creates an empowering result. All of this work is about you finding your Truth. I’m sharing with you what has worked for me and the steps I have taken to create awareness and inner-peace. Remember, you have Free Will and you can decide for yourself what you want to do.

Ok, so again, back to LOA & your thoughts. Each thought creates a feeling inside your body. As you think these thoughts, you feel a feeling in the body and this can help you to begin to understand how each thought is resonating with you.

OK, just to be clear, when I say you, I mean your True SELF, or your Higher SELF, whatever it is that you call it —the energy source that is running your body. Terminology can keep us stuck but it really doesn’t matter what you call this source, it’s more how you define it. What is the essence of you?

This takes us into the rest of the teaching note. Again, tell your truth —how do you feel about you? —ask this in 1st party— How do I feel about me?. Get quiet and listen. Again, this is relating to the previous podcasts, when we discussed gaining clarity and looking for your truth while knowing that the original programmer for your belief systems probably wasn’t you, or the true you. You can stay with the old programming if you wish it, remember you have Free Will, but maybe that old program states that you believe you are not worthy of what you want, which will block you from getting it. It all has to do with vibrational frequencies. To rewire or recalibrate these vibrations would be to head in the direction of loving yourself unconditionally! Know that you are the creator of your life and that you can have all that you want when you understand how to use the power of thought along with the universal laws. We will be covering the other universal laws in later episodes. But to help you move forward here, let’s also look at the Law of Detachment. Law of Detachment is really in the belief that you can have it, whatever that is for you. Having the faith, if you will, that it will show up for you because it is already yours. And this also is in connection to whether or not you believe in your worthiness of the receiving of all that you want. Again, all this goes back to Law of Attraction, LOA. If you don’t believe you deserve it, then you will block it from coming to you. Remember, Like Vibrations Attract, Like Vibrations. It has to do with your beliefs and the vibrations of these beliefs, which is your programming. The depth of programming is like an abyss. It goes so deep into your past and there is so much overlap that it has become a jumbled mess of beliefs that can be contradicting and some may even be completely ridiculous. It is your job to straighten it all out. Once you can believe this to be true, and implement the few things we have shared with you here, you will begin to realize your true power and soon feel the freedom that comes with it. What is it you want, and what is it that you don’t want in your life? It is all up to you, it is your choice. I know this works. I myself, still have work to do and plan to keep heading in the direction of recalibrating my old vibrations to the vibration of unconditional love.

To finish up this teaching note, I would like to share with you that you are unique and this is where you can hopefully understand that you are also perfect, because you are from the source that is Love. This is what makes you Divine and Eternal. You can have, be, do and live anyway you choose as long as you can get to the truth of your unlimited power behind the programming that has been holding you back.

So, now, who are you really? What do you want to believe about you? Can your goal be to head in the direction of unconditional love? Again, you have Free Will and it is your choice. It may take a lifetime to achieve, but maybe that is all it will take.

The world belongs to you, all that you want can be just a new belief away. Do the work to become aware of what you are thinking, to how it makes you feel, take full responsibility and know that you can have all that you want, but it is up to you to do the work and change your vibrations to attract all that you want to experience.

So, that’s it for the teaching note. The results of utilizing these concepts and exercises should help you with Attracting Results for My New Year’s Resolutions.

Now, for further explanation of the concepts & exercises … let’s go into a discussion with Christine Marie…

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