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Teaching Note: Stop Playing Victim!


This is the eighteenth Episode in the HLS podcast. In this episode Dr. K shares with you why it is a choice to play the victim game and how to get out of playing that role and choose to become the creator of your life. This show is hosted by Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, metaphysician. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Teaching Note 018

Hello & Welcome. Thanks for joining HLS today. Let’s Start with Setting our Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

I again will be taking you through the TN using 1st party, where it fits. Just remember that you do the same where you can, & if this is your first HLS podcast episode, just understand that 1st party is used to create an awareness and understanding of personal responsibility. The words used for 1st party language are me, mine, I & my. Remember to use this exercise where appropriate due to the powerful benefit.

Why I Can Choose to Stop Playing Victim! 

Ok, so, I am not going to tiptoe around in this episode. I understand that we are living in a chaotic time right now, and while I recognize and respect the pain and anger many are feeling—and understand that feeling our healing feelings is one of the first steps of self-empowerment—I also want to help guide those who are ready into the next phase of personal evolution. It’s time to remember who we really are and what we are capable of. We are beings with limitless potential, capable of creating the lives we desire, but we are also beings with egos that create limits in the three-dimensional experience. I believe that we, on this Earth plane, have free-will, therefore we can choose which games to play. And, because of things like past traumas and habitual thought patterns, many of us unconsciously choose to play the victim. We play the victim with our family, with society, even with ourselves. It’s a natural human mechanism. But we have to understand that in the long run, this game serves no one. 

So now as I stay in witness/observer —by using first party when I speak, and staying aware of what my reality looks and feels like— I can see when I am choosing to play victim. Playing a victim to someone or my circumstances can only be in my experience, my reality, if I choose it. I choose it by choosing my thoughts, and my perspective of how my life looks to me. This creates the belief systems that create my reality, which in turn create my vibrational resonance. Again, this is how the Law of Attraction works. Law of Attraction, what I call LOA, is one of the laws of the universe. (If you need to brush up on the Laws of the Universe or need more info on these Laws, please refer back to HLS episodes 006 & 007.) There is no way someone else can make me play victim, it is a vibration within me. It’s about the science, the science of quantum mechanics. Like vibration attracts like vibration. So as I choose to play victim, I continue the vibrational frequency of victim and attract the victim experience, perpetuating the cycle

Taking Responsibility of All that I Create Puts Me in Power!  

Remember that LOA is working all the time— just like gravity is working all the time. Therefore, if you are carrying around a victim vibration, then you will attract a victim experience. If you deny it, but you keep having victim experiences, then I suggest you allow your truth to come out so you can take the time to clear that fear energy, aka, low vibrational frequency. 

Know this: I am the only one who can recalibrate my vibrations— the only one who can rewire these vibrations back up to the love levels where they originated. This is where I need to be completely honest with myself! If I haven’t mastered my ego chatter, then this can create a conflicting message from my higher-self, my true-self. Ego energy is FEAR-based energy, and isn’t interested in the truth, it is mainly interested in protecting me, even if it has to lie to me to do it. This is why it is so important to master this part of me. This is why 1st party and the other skills of staying in witness/observer are so important. If I don’t continue to master these skills, I will always be at the mercy of my ego. This is because ego is running the automatic programing that has been downloaded from all that I have experienced, as well as what others have experienced and passed on to me, knowingly or unknowingly. However, ego energy doesn’t realize that I am now old enough and powerful enough to create safety while facing these untruths about what my ego believes I should be afraid of. This can be very scary for many of us because the ego is very powerful and still sees us as a small child with little to no power in this 3D world. But if I understand that I control my thoughts and can be honest with myself, the real harm is denying that the fear is there. So, taking the time to know thyself is the first step toward self-empowerment and the release of the victim role. To begin, think a thought that is upsetting and notice how you feel. This is about taking responsibility for your life and everything that is happening in it. I have the power, I always have had the power, the belief that I don’t have the power is what needs to be rewired now — back to the truth of my real true Divine power. There is no exception, we all have this power.

So now when I am blaming someone else for what has happened to me in my life experience or my current circumstances, I am choosing to play the victim role. But I am all powerful and how I experience my life is my choice. Only I can allow my victimhood to continue, and if I do choose to give my power away to others or circumstances, I am just allowing a stronger victimhood neural-net to take hold in my brain and in turn I will attract more and more victim experiences in my daily reality.

Misremembering & Misinformation 

Recent research has proven that most of what we remember is inaccurate. There have been multiple studies done on memory. In a study done after 9/11, researchers found that after recounting the experience years later, the memory’s accuracy was down around 50%. So, every time I remember a personal experience that I think was awful, I now think, well, I am probably only about 50% right on what actually happened, as I take into account the number of years ago that I actually experienced whatever it was. I even think that it is probable that I am less than 50% right now! So, why not change my memory to remember it more lovingly? Isn’t that the point anyway? To create a life full of love. I have the power to infiltrate my own mind and reconstruct it to better serve me.

I know that in this day and age, it can be hard to know what and who to believe. There is so much conflicting information out there. And look at what I am exposed to on a daily basis, especially if I am watching the news or reading about it. Ego loves all things drama and loves to be entertained, so know that it is up to me to take control and get back to the real truth, my power. This is where I decided that I must take responsibility for all that I experience in my life, and take control by looking at everything that doesn’t work for me in my life. I can work it out anyway that I want to that works for me. Again, it is my choice whether or not I allow those perspectives into my belief system. I choose my beliefs.

Every Thought is MY Choice! 

I ask my clients a number of questions in their first session with me, one being “who is thinking my thoughts?” The answer is obvious, but it is not something we think about. We allow all sorts of thoughts in, or let our ego run rampant with old disruptive and contradictive thoughts. The ego has been running the show for far too long and can consistently create a perspective of what is perceived as a negative experience. However if I take control of my life via my thoughts and evolve by realizing the power I have, my true power, that has always been within me, just waiting for me to unleash it, I release myself from the thought energies that keep me tied or linked to a “perceived past.” The past is done and as covered before, embellished by the ego. It is time to let it go. I take responsibility for the part I played in the action of the lessons— who would I be if I didn’t live those experiences? It is done now though and I no longer want to play the part of victim. I have the power to create my life with every thought I choose to think. It is up to me because I am the one thinking my thoughts. My thoughts link together in my brain creating neural-nets of beliefs which attract like vibrations to me, and therefore my daily life experiences. I stay aware of all my thoughts and I am in control of what I choose to think now. 

How Empowered Am I?  

While working in this field and discussing life experiences with those who believe they are enlightened, the victim mentality is still present. These “enlightened” ones struggle to get the life they want because they do not implement what they know. If you find yourself in this category please know that this is about putting into practice the action lessons that create the life as you wish to create it, as you wish to live it. It is not enough to know the information. It must implemented it in daily life. Acknowledge the truth of what you are not creating the way you wish it to be. Allow your truth to be told, if only to yourself. The witness/observer will be of great service for you in this endeavor. Use it to see your truth! Even if you do not understand where it came from, if you are vibrating out and attracting like vibrations, then these are your responsibilities to heal these low vibrations. If it helps, you can conclude that it has to do with epigenetics and that many people have just had these programs passed down from their biological parents, or that it was just a program that was downloaded along the way. We are not yet far enough away from past events that can signal genes that induce fear of war, fear of others, fear of the dark, fear of lack of money, fear of death, etc. But we do have the power to transcend those fears.

If you can keep in mind that all is energy and a vibration that is from the source of Love, all you have to do is find that faulty program and rewire it, or recalibrate it back up to love levels, starting with yourself. Fill yourself with love for yourself. Love releases the chemical oxytocin which will then trigger LOA and attract a like vibration. Love creates love. It all has to do with personal responsibility for your own evolution, your own creations, your own experience, your own life. Remember how powerful you really are and strive to create a safe and loving experience. Know that you are worthy of all that you want, and are powerful enough to protect and manifest a life worth living. Create! Create! Create! For you are the power.

…That’s it for the TN. We will not be having a discussion on this topic. Any questions or concerns on the topic of playing the victim role, please feel free to contact HLS at holisticlifesource.com . Remember that we offer Life Coaching and Holistic Counseling that focus on sharing with you how to implement action lessons that help you create the life you want by activating your power within. 

Thanks for joining HLS and I hope you are able to utilize this information for your own personal evolution while raising your vibrational frequency.

Remember to Live in the Body, Master the Mind, & Witness Through Spirit.

Thank You for Listening.


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