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Teaching Note: Conquering Grief


This is the seventeenth Episode in the HLS podcast. In this episode Dr. K shares with you why it is good to grieve but important to get back to living … your purpose. This show is hosted by, Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, metaphysician. Hope you receive the information you need from this episode to create a life worth living.

Teaching Note 017

Hello & Welcome. Thanks for joining HLS today. Let’s Start with Setting our Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

As I go through this particular Teaching Note, I would just like to state that you can believe whatever you want to believe about what happens when someone passes on. I have been  amazed at my findings about the power of belief. As humans, we have this incredible mind which we can rewire to create a belief that works for us. I’ve touched on this in previous episodes, and theres loads of research available if you would like to look into it. But to get to our topic today, I just wanted to give you a quick perspective to contemplate when it comes to a supposed “truth.” So, like I said, it’s up to you what you wish to believe about what happens when what we call death comes in.

On that note, for me, this is what I now believe to be true, through my experience with the losses in my life, and the research I have done. I begin to heal by feeling through my grief, releasing it, and then moving into a state of love and acceptance. This not only frees me, but frees my “lost” loved ones as well.


Starting with Grief

Grief may be a difficult topic for many but I feel it is a necessary topic not only to understand, but to conquer. Grief is nothing to be avoided. Grief is a feeling. A feeling that needs to be felt and released. However, many get stuck in this feeling and then create such a state of constant sorrow that it becomes a barrier that prevents them from living their own life.

We must begin to create a space where grief is an acceptable topic of discussion so as not to deny and repress it, but rather allow and release it. To discuss, to listen, to accept all that goes along with it. To begin to do this, I must begin to define my beliefs. So, I ask myself what I believe about what we call death. I would say that death is not a true explanation of what actually happens. Through much research, I have found that a more accurate explanation of death is more like a leaving behind of the body, or avatar, and  my true self, my soul, passes into another dimension. A soul never dies and the physical body was just what was needed to experience this physical realm. So, it is more about leaving the physical body behind, which is just a complex carbon based form run by the subconscious mind, higher-self, or soul.

Releasing the Fear of Death

If I find myself slipping into fear of what I think happens after death, I first work to understand and feel through that fear. How can I release it? I feel through it. Like even as I write this sentence, I feel a knot in my throat. I stop writing to feel through it. I repeat the word “death” and pay attention to my physical body. Where do I feel the discomfort? I allow myself to see the truth and accept how I feel, without minimizing it. This is very important—fully accepting my truth. Breathe, and allow the release of the discomfort by focusing on it. This isn’t always an easy task, but as I practice it, I begin to master it. I continue to do this until I cannot feel any more discomfort when I think of death. I can take as long as I need to to accomplish this task. This is for my highest good.

Once my fear is extinguished and I now believe that a soul transcends into a peaceful state of being when it leaves this physical world, then I have rewired my belief of fearing death, and created a belief that passing on is a peaceful transition into another dimension. This is for the sake of my own life and how I experience what we call death. My soul and the souls of my loved ones just move to another dimension. This feels true to me and now I can move out of grief and into a feeling of peaceful acceptance.

Why You Are Here

Many have lost important people in this life, and it can be a difficult hurdle to get over. However, from much research I see now how necessary it is to do just that, get over the hurdle and keep living life. Everyone has a purpose for living, and even when one of the important people in your life moves into a new dimension, and you feel like you have been left behind, it is important to know that you are never left behind.

We are all one in consciousness, and we are only in what feels like separation. Separation is just an ego program, and it can bring one down into fear energy. Of course, this isn’t about forgetting the one I lost, but learning to go on with my own life so that the loss doesn’t prevent me from fulfilling my purpose and all that I need and want to accomplish in my life experience. I must evolve into a loving state of acceptance of all experiences. The feeling of separation is one of the experiences. To feel it, accept it and then to move into the truth of being part of the one. Getting to this truth is getting over that  hurdle.

Understanding Why it is So Important to Let Go!

As one leaves this physical world, or this 3D-dimension, there is another purpose for them. This is something I feel must be respected. If each of us has a purpose to incarnate onto the Earth plane, then I would believe that each of us has a purpose to move into another dimension. I also believe that we who are still living on the Earth plane have the power to keep our loved one’s energy tethered to this dimension through our grief and sorrow, which not only hinders our own evolution, but prevents them from fulfilling their purpose beyond this world, whatever that may be.

How to Let Go and Live

I must let go, for my sake and for theirs. If I love them, then it is a great gift to release them. Sorrow will hold that soul to me and neither of us can move on with our own evolution. We are all one, and our influence on each other is great. The only reason we feel separate is because of our ego programming. Overcome these limiting feelings and know the truth. One Divine being is the creator of all, therefore is present in all.

Know that you have a mission to accomplish just like everyone else. Allow this to be your focus, love others and love yourself — unconditionally. As we have discussed before, all have free-will and all know what is best for self on the deepest level. If someone left you on this physical plane, then know that that was what was best for that soul. And it is up to you to work toward your evolution, again, no one else can do this work for you—it is up to you. You attract what you are, vibrationally. There is no other way to do this. LOA is working all the time, whether or not you know it or even believe it. It is one of the laws that cannot be transcended. So, let go of all others, and live your life the way you choose to, and evolve. You are your own power source.

Remembering My True Power via LOA

LOA is your power of attraction. After you lose someone close to you, if you feel sad or worse, then because of the power of LOA you will attract more sadness to you. I’m not saying you should avoid these feelings, or bury them. I am saying that it is important to feel through them and release them as quickly as possible. If you feel sad or worse, then allow yourself to feel it as completely as you can. Understand that feeling through the feeling is the true power to heal. However, if you stay in this too long, you create a neural net of sadness and then continue to create more sadness. Remember, LOA is a law that is at work all the time. And the universal laws are not designed to judge what you ask for, they are designed to give you what you are, vibrationally. Get through the feelings of grief and then send love out to receive love back. This is how you will evolve and return to your true-self, your higher-self. This will also help you to release this unhealthy connection to the other soul and as you release yourself from the sadness or sorrow or even anger, you now know without a doubt that each of your souls is in a peaceful state of being and you are both released from this lower vibrational state.

What Actually Happens

I’ve heard it’s like waking up from a dream. I’ve heard that it’s like taking off a tight shoe. I’ve heard it’s a peaceful feeling beyond what we can understand while in a human form. If you are listening to this podcast as a human, just know that it is not your true form. Life on Earth is an experience, a temporary state of beingness. So, instead of grieving for an extended period of time, be thankful for the time spent together, and focus now on your life and what you want to experience because you wont be here for long, time being relative and all. Live your dream life and know that everyone else has the same choice.

…That’s it for the TN. We will not be having a discussion on this topic. Any questions or concerns on the topic of grief, please feel free to contact HLS at holisticlifesource.com , we offer counseling and are here for you. Thanks for joining HLS and I hope you are able to utilize this information for your own personal evolution while raising your vibrational frequency.

Remember to Live in the Body, Master the Mind, and Witness Through Spirit.

Thank You for Listening.


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