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No Teaching Note. Discussion Only.

In this episode, we are continuing to introduce you to our knowledge on Universal Laws. This is the second part in the third HLS Series. Universal Laws govern us in our world. It helps to know how these laws work so that we, as humans, can work with them to obtain the knowledge that we need while striving to experience the life we want. This show is hosted by me, Christine Marie, Holistic Life Coach, and Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, Metaphysician. Join us in our third series as we continue to explain Universal Laws.

SHERRILYN: Hello and welcome to Episode 7. Remember to check out episode 6 for the teaching note that coincides with this discussion. Let’s start with setting intentions. I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it. Okay, so , a quick reminder on what we talked about in Episode 6. Immutable Laws are absolute, which there are three: Law of Mentalism, which states, “All is mind.” The second Immutable Law is Law of Correspondence, which states, “all is one. As above, so below, and as below, so above.” And the third Immutable Law is Law of Vibration: everything moves. This includes everything, even the material that makes up the device that you are listening to this podcast on. All atoms, electrons, etc., are in motion all the time. I believe this is why we can change things around us, because nothing is set in stone, so to speak. The Mutable Laws are the laws that can be transcended, meaning that we can rise above these laws to a degree in which we are not affected by the in an absolute way. These laws are: The Law of Polarity (everything is dual); The Law of Rhythm (all swings like a pendulum or rises and falls); The Law of Cause and Effect (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction); and The Law of Gender (all contains masculine and feminine). There are also the other laws I went into in the teaching note, which we will probably sprinkle into this discussion organically. So, Christine, what would you like to start with?

CHRISTINE: One thing about Mutable Laws that I found when I was a young adult was that I was allowing them to be overlooked or silenced, like they weren’t even playing a part in the outcome of what I was striving for. But when I did learn how to use them, then more opportunities to my benefit started to occur more and more. Like, aligned me with where I needed to be, so I could get what I wanted. I think Cause and Effect would be one that we, as humans, learn early on. We probably all have instances where we’ve caused something to happen so that we can benefit from the effect. And all of those Mutable Laws were actually more to benefit when I was aware of them and made them work for me. It just maximized my experience so that I could be the best me.

SHERRILYN: With the Law of Cause and Effect, yes, it happens really early on. Like when we’re crying and then we’re fed, or we’re crying and then we’re held. Whatever it is that’s happening, there is a cause and effect. So that one is a pretty well-known law, where Law of Mentalism isn’t necessarily a well-known law because we haven’t really gotten ahold of our thoughts. And we’re told so many things outside of ourselves that I feel many of us still just listen to all the thoughts going on and all the rules and all the dogmas and everything that we’re messing with

out on the outside of us, where the thoughts on the inside can be total chaos. And then to be able to get the thought to be beneficial for us is really a great thing to help us get where we want to go. So, that would be one that I would suggest our listeners start with; more so, starting to control the thought, one’s own thought, and being able to bring it into the present moment instead of what is always the “right” thing or what I should be doing and all that instead of focusing on what I want.

CHRISTINE: Yeah, what you want to happen and what that actually looks like so that you have some strength behind that one thought instead of dispersing all the energy into a couple of different scenarios of how you want something to work. And to strengthen those thoughts, meditation is the biggest way to get yourself to the point of consciousness so that you can encompass and process the mechanics of how Universal Laws work. I really think that All is Mental is the major umbrella law to the rest of these Universal Laws that are always playing out, because we have to be able to encompass how things works in order to gain momentum behind the thought that we want to manifest into the world.

SHERRILYN: And gain power. So, really what the goal I would say is, with understanding these laws, is to gain personal control and freedom.

CHRISTINE: Yeah, good one.

SHERRILYN: And for what we’re really trying to do. So, take each law and break it down as best we can, and practice with it. It’s just like reading a book on swimming. Until you get in the water and use it, you don’t really grasp the whole concept of the understanding. So start to work with Law of Mentalism. Okay, instead of thinking about all the things that the mind wants to talk about—and when I say mind, the ego-mind is what I’m talking about. And when ego- mind can just bounce all over the drama that’s going on in our lives, what’s on TV, what’s on the news, the fears, the total chaos going on. If what, with what Christine says about meditation, if one can get to the point where the mind can become quiet, and I mean the ego-mind, the chatter, letting the chatter just fall away, and the focus starts becoming more peaceful, almost like nothing. If you’re a meditator, you’ll understand. If you haven’t meditated yet, it’s just finding that ultimate peace and quiet when it comes to the ego-mind.

CHRISTINE: So that when a thought does come up, it’s a productive thought. SHERRILYN: Yes.
CHRISTINE: It’s not something that’s going to discourage you. Gaining control over all of the fear is the beginning.

SHERRILYN: Oh yeah. Fear is crippling for so many, and definitely, to get ahold of the thought, the ability to start thinking about the things you want to think, the things you want to accomplish…

CHRISTINE: And start seeing them in the world, right?

SHERRILYN: Yeah, and just the belief in yourself will get you those things in the world that you want.

CHRISTINE: And that’s the basics of Everything is Mental. Our thoughts control our reality. SHERRILYN: Right.
CHRISTINE: I like that one. That’s my favorite one. SHERRILYN: [laughs] Yeah.
CHRISTINE: Because it’s everything.

SHERRILYN: We can change the world with thought. It’s just phenomenal what we can do with thought once we start gaining control over all the ego-mind, and it’s just a reprogram, but it’s easier said than done of course. So, let’s look at some of the other laws. Okay, so, The Law of Correspondence.

CHRISTINE: All is one. As above, so below. Correspondence. How does that play out?

SHERRILYN: I feel like correspondence is this… Right now we’re kind of in the world of separation, everything is separate from us. But if you remember that we are part of the All, it’s kind of, not to be goofy, but a warm hug because there’s no way anyone could not be a part of this encompassing All. And it’s a loving energy. With our ego, that’s where we, as humans, create this fear of evil or separation or pain or whatever. That’s all done through the human mind, the ego-mind. It’s not even really anything there. The All doesn’t even accept that. I mean, it does but it doesn’t. That’s why this is so complicated. But, yeah, to understand that we are all part of this is kind of just this, “oh, good, I’m part of something, I’m not alone. I’m not separate, I am a part of it all.”

CHRISTINE: Yeah, we all have our place in the world. We all can make our realities better. We all have the choice to maybe isolate ourselves or integrate ourselves into the All. We all have a meaning, we all have a purpose. So these laws are put into place so that we can come into alignment, in tune with ourselves, so that we’re not living in fear.

SHERRILYN: Yeah, just to know we’re a part of the All. The All Loving. It’s a little bit easier to say The All Loving. Whatever you want to call it. It really doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s all terminology, it’s just whatever you want.

CHRISTINE: So what would be another term for the All so that people understand what we’re trying to…

SHERRILYN: Well, this is kind of where I feel like it gets a little complicated because if I say the All is God, what is that terminology to somebody else? To the Divine? To, you know, any of the deities we label, worship, and look up to. There is no looking up to anything, though, as far as I understand this. It’s: I am here, on my path, doing what I feel is best because I have free will and that is from the All, and the All is this all-loving that will never say, “You’re not part of this anymore.” We’re here together forever, and it’s not just us, it’s everything. It encompasses everything, which is mind-blowing. How can we even really fathom…

CHRISTINE: It’s kind of great because everything we just said can be summed up into three words, right? All is one.


CHRISTINE: So whatever that means to you is the Law of Correspondence. SHERRILYN: Right. Exactly. Okay, so let’s look at the Law of Vibration.
CHRISTINE: Everything is moving. Even things that look like a solid figure has a vibration. It’s just slowed down to the point where we can’t move through it anymore.

SHERRILYN: Yeah, this includes our bodies, which are solid, but if you have the right microscope you can see through it. Same with wood and concrete and stone and anything you feel is solid is made up of what is really the ether. It’s energy. I mean, you can label it whatever you want, but then you break it down and go into quantum mechanics which is the subatomic, so we’re talking about atoms and energy and force and we could go crazy into science here, but it’s basically what everything is made of. And then there’s vibrations that are higher and lower and slower, and it gets a little… Let’s see, we have to look at vibration and frequency.
Like, color is vibrating, and that’s why you see red versus violet. And then there’s the infrared, where you can’t see it, so there’s all kind of… It’s amazing how many vibrational frequencies are even out there. And then everything is moving all the time and the All is moving as well, which that just can get really complex and I don’t want to go too deep into that because this is more of an introduction. But that’s where we’re at wit that.

CHRISTINE: So, you would say the things that we encounter in our daily life would be because of the vibrational output that we have. So, if we want to make the Law of Vibration work for us, then again we go within and decide which parts of us need to change its vibration in order to attract what we want.

SHERRILYN: Yes. Exactly.

CHRISTINE: Everything is moving.

SHERRILYN: That’s right. That includes emotions, feelings, and thoughts. So, looking within, like Christine was saying. What is it that is something you would like to release that you don’t want to attract anymore, or what are you attracting that you want more of or you want less of?


SHERRILYN: It all has to do with vibrational frequencies and Law od Attraction. This is the self- work that we’re really discussing here.

CHRISTINE: Yeah, you can almost think of it in terms of weight or baggage, right, so, if you have a scenario that you don’t want to keep happening, why hold it, right, because it’s a lower, slower vibration that might be weighing you down. It’s too hard to maneuver through. That’s where we look to find things to let go and to release, to make ourselves lighter to get what we want out of every day.

SHERRILYN: Right, yeah. And that’s not an easy task, but it’s definitely something that is doable. So, it’s…

CHRISTINE: Rewarding.

SHERRILYN: Yeah. It’s that self-work that can be… It’s facing the fears, and not anybody’s fears but your own fears, which is terrifying to some degree. But once it’s done, it’s freeing. So, yeah, Law of Vibration is a really great law to understand and to be able to use that to your benefit. Highly recommend the work there.

CHRISTINE: What’s next?

SHERRILYN: Law of Polarity next. Which is mutable, okay? So. You want to take this one?

CHRISTINE: Law of Polarity. So that’s the one where there’s a north and a south, so the same pole, right? Am I on the right track here?


CHRISTINE: So, you know, decision-making, especially if you’re making a decision in a co- creative atmosphere. There’s always the other side that needs to be thought of when choosing a final decision to move forward. How was it going to… I don’t want to get too much further into cause and effect, but how will that affect the other side and is that something you want to deal with on the backend? Like, even though you’re at the north pole, the decisions you make affect the south pole. How else do I want to put that, Sherri?

SHERRILYN: Yeah, that’s exactly right. Okay, so, we’re in the world of duality, so there’s a right and wrong, an up and down, a back and forth. So, it’s the dualism that we are in in the physical world. And we’re just going to talk about the physical world because that’s where we are right now. So, when we’re talking about the Law of Polarity, just understand that there is always a higher and lower frequency. And we can talk about hot and cold, or we can talk about color, it doesn’t really matter what we’re looking at. But because of what we do, I would say, let’s look at fear and courage, because that is in the emotional realm, and to let go of fear energies, which are lower vibrational frequencies than courage, that would be a benefit to the individual working to go more toward the courage. Like, if something is scary, and as an adult, you take a moment and you go, “Okay, why is this scary? Why does this frighten me?” And then sit with it, be honest with yourself, and figure out what it is, and then how do you find the courage, the courage to do it? You can look at, “Well, if I do this and get over this fear, then that actually opens up my space a little bit more and I have more freedom to live the life I want to live.” So, it’s like opening up the box that you’re in and not being afraid of it, which is really just… Fear isn’t real. Danger is real, but fear isn’t real. So, it’s just something that the ego has programmed to keep us safe, which is what the ego was designed to do. So, anyway, that’s what we’re looking at with the Law of Polarity. So, start to kind of play with that a little bit. Maybe do some research if you want and try to figure that out, but Law of Polarity, Law of Rhythm, and Law of Cause and Effect all kind of play in the same… Everything’s affecting everything, so just kind of put those all together. It gets complicated, but you can just take it a step at a time. So, let’s look at Law of Rhythm.

CHRISTINE: Rhythm is timing. Yeah, you kind of hit it right on the head with that. Polarity, Rhythm, and Cause and Effect really tie into each other pretty closely.

SHERRILYN: Okay, so, with the Law of Rhythm, everything has an up and a down or a back and a forth. So, we’re just looking at, “Okay, everything’s really good in my life right now, and then the pendulum swings and it’s not so great in my life anymore.” But then what’s going to happen? The pendulum’s going to swing back the other way and everything’s going to be good. It’s just just a back and forth or up and down, however you want to see it. And to relax. To relax and just know that this is just the back swing or whatever you want to call it, but it’s just, “Okay, I know that this is just part of the deal. It goes up, it goes down. Things are bad, then they’re good.” So, it’s just kind of relax and let it work itself out, okay? And that’s where you can use Law of Mentalism, because you can just understand that it’s going to get better.
And then you can start creating that it got better. All right, so now, understanding that the Law of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm are kind of working together, and we have the Law of Cause and Effect. Okay, so, Cause and Effect is also karma, which there is good and bad karma. Some people are just like, “Oh, I thought there was only bad karma.” I’m like, “No, there’s good and bad, it’s the same thing, like Law of Cause and Effect, or Law of Sowing and Reaping. They’re the same thing, they’re just different names.” Remember, we have terminology all over the place and it’s just what’s your understanding, so anything you disagree with or don’t understand, go in and figure out your terminology. You have free will, so figure out what works for you here. This is just what we are talking about to kind of spur the understanding that there

is more to life than what we are originally taught, most of us anyway. So, we have Law of Cause and Effect: for every action there is a reaction, and we were talking about that at the beginning where that’s something we understand almost instantly. What we’re going to get when we cry. What else do we do? You have little ones…

CHRISTINE: Cry! [laughs]

SHERRILYN: [laughs] When they cry, give them something. So, in Episode 6 we talked about how there is no such thing as luck or chance. So, this is something I would like to get across to our listeners that everything you do has an effect on you. Okay, so, let’s say you say something with an energy to help somebody or hurt somebody. You’re going to get that same energy back, okay? So just remember that what you give out, you’re going to get back. And, if you can get to the point where you can understand that, and you start living your life with compassion and understanding and really allow yourself to receive the good, you’re going to offer up the good more often because it’s just going to work out that way vibrationally. Does that make sense?

CHRISTINE: Yeah, I would totally agree with that. There are sometimes when we don’t even realize that we might have an underlying streak of jealousy. So, maybe somebody was celebrating one of their wins, but you were a little bit sour about that. That’s what’s coming back to you because of the energy signature you’re putting off in the moment. So, cause and effect, right?

SHERRILYN: Yeah. So, pay attention to how you’re feeling, and, you know, this is very general information, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, if you’re not eating right, if you’re not taking care of yourself, then this is going to be more difficult to do. So, if you start taking care of yourself and being loving toward yourself, you’re going to be able to get these laws under your control a little bit better. Because they’re working all the time, remember, no matter if you know them or not. If you’re working with them or against them, it doesn’t matter; you’re still living under these laws. So why not figure out how to work with them and get them to work to your advantage?

CHRISTINE: Definitely. Nurture yourself. Which that falls into Law of Gender. Feminine… SHERRILYN: Hey, good segue.
CHRISTINE: The feminine quality would be nurture, the more masculine quality would be doing what needs to be done. And we all contain that in our one body always.


CHRISTINE: Everything has a masculine and feminine role.

SHERRILYN: Yeah, so, Law of Gender. Start looking at everything is: take care of yourself but also take action. And let’s just say everything but the human takes care of this in more of an automatic, natural way, where humans get lost in their ego-minds, and we’ve got restrictions on ourselves, we’ve got fears that we’ve built up that we don’t understand how all this works, but once we open ourselves up to understand how male and female can…

CHRISTINE: Create a whole.

SHERRILYN: Yeah, create a whole, work together, create harmony. There is definitely work to be done here.

CHRISTINE: Well, and more of an explanation to why we are the way that we are.

SHERRILYN: Yeah, so we’re looking at within each self, there has to be a balance of male and female.


SHERRILYN: And we’re talking about the characteristics of it. Hopefully we’re making that clear. It’s the characteristics of male and female, which would be the nurturing, loving, creative quality of the feminine, and then the masculine is more the action, self-interest, doing, make-it-happen kind of characteristic. And we all have that within our own self, our body, if you will. And to pay attention to that, and I kind of touched on that in Episode 6, where if there’s something physically bothering you on your left side, you want to take care of yourself, like the nurturing side. But let’s say on the right side, let’s say your foot hurts and maybe you’re not doing what you need to be doing, the action part of it, the male side of it. Would you say that is right?

CHRISTINE: Yes, because left is always feminine, right is always masculine.

SHERRILYN: Okay, so, those are the seven Universal Laws. Let’s kind of touch again on like Law of Abundance and Law of Detachment, Law of Materialization, Law of Least Effort, Law of Compensation, Law of Physics, Law of Healing (which contains the Law of Physics, just so you guys understand that that’s why that was in there twice), and then Law of Germination, and Law of Gravity. So, which one would you like to talk about? Like, Law of Abundance?

CHRISTINE: Yeah, I was going to say that, so let’s go with that one.

SHERRILYN: All right, so go ahead with Law of Abundance. What do you think about that? Or what do you want to add about that?

CHRISTINE: That there’s always enough for everybody. Well, this goes back into mentalism. Making sure that you are envisioning yourself with enough and worthy of enough so that those things can vibrate to you.


CHRISTINE: Because the fact is that there is enough. But if we’re thinking there’s a lack—I don’t have something—then vibration, that’s what will come to you. Yeah, I don’t know what else to add to that.

SHERRILYN: Yeah, so, yeah. I agree the Law of Abundance is a big part of the Law of Mentalism. Where there is thought that creates let’s say, or manifests the material item or the feeling or relationship or whatever. The Law of Abundance—start believing that there’s enough for me, there’s always enough for me, I always get enough, I always have what I need, what I want, and then, Christine just mentioned the worthiness. That’s the belief of that. So, understanding that if I don’t feel worthy of it, then I’m going to block it from coming to me. So then there’s Law of Detachment, which is more like, “Okay, because I know there’s Law of Abundance, I’m going to say I feel like this is something that would work great for me and I’m going to just allow it to come to me.” So, Law of Detachment is going, “Well, okay, there’s enough for everybody, so I can have whatever I want.” And, you know, I don’t mean to be flippant about it, it’s more about being honest with yourself: what is it you really want? What do you really need? What is really working for you, what is going to be important to you?

CHRISTINE: Are you saying detachment from anything that would be holding you from not feeling worthy? Is that what you meant?

SHERRILYN: Okay, for a real-world example, let’s just say, for Law of Detachment, I was trying to manifest a space to work. And it wasn’t coming and it wasn’t coming and it wasn’t coming, and I was trying too hard to make it happen because there was an element of worry that it wasn’t going to come, there was a feeling of lack, it was something more I wanted to have because I felt like it would benefit my work. And once I finally said, “Okay, you know what, it will happen if it’s supposed to happen.” And I let go of it, that’s Law of Detachment, because that’s usually when it happens.

CHRISTINE: Making space for it.

SHERRILYN: Yeah. I can say, “Here’s what I want,” believe I can have it, and then you know we’re going into Law of Attraction here, but it’s about that relaxing, physically, emotionally relax, go “Whatever. If it’s meant to be, it will work out.” And generally that’s when it happens. Which takes us into Law of Materialization, which is: be, do, have. Okay so, I’m a metaphysician, I had to do the work to become that metaphysician. And to be what I am energetically, and believe that it was possible and do the work, then I have the position or title or whatever it is. That’s just kind of, not a very good example, but that’s kind of an example of Materialization, so it’s showing up for me. Okay, so we have the Law of Least Effort: acceptance of all, coupled with self-responsibility. So, basically its’ my responsibility to take care of me, and to accept all that is just makes life easier. And so that’s the least effort. Don’t keep pushing,

okay? That’s kind of the gist of that one. Law of Compensation: for every loss is a gain, for every gain is a loss. There’s always a balance, okay? Which goes with polarity and rhythm, and that’s just kind of where that law sits. So just when you’re thinking about getting something, thing about what you’re giving up, you know, and figure out which one works in the balance for you.


SHERRILYN: Okay, Law of Physics: not two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. That’s just basically saying we’re in the space and time realm, and you can’t let’s just say put something in the space where there’s something already sitting in the space, okay? And that’s just something that works in this physical realm. Okay, so then there’s Law of Healing. The first Law of Healing is nothing changes until it becomes what it is: love. That is what everything is originally, as best and as far as we know, okay? Second, no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. Yes, that is the Law of Physics, we’re just bringing that into the Law of Healing because you can’t have fear and love sitting in the same space. And third, my beliefs create my reality. So, what do you really believe? And this can go into your emotional state, okay? So, what do you believe about yourself? Do you love yourself unconditionally? Do you talk yourself up? What’s something else good you can do for yourself? That’s kind of what we’re talking about with healing. Spend the time on yourself. It’s not selfish, okay? Because when you’re taking care of yourself, you’re going to be better for everybody around you, so if you take care of yourself, everybody wins. Would you agree?

CHRISTINE: Yes. So, happy healing, right? SHERRILYN: Yes. That’s the Law of Healing. CHRISTINE: Have compassion.
SHERRILYN: First for yourself. I mean, not that it has to be in order, but take care of yourself. CHRISTINE: Yeah, everything starts with yourself.
SHERRILYN: Yeah. Okay, and then Law of Germination: to wisely sacrifice short-term gain for long-term success. And, you know, that’s just something simple. Don’t eat that fast food and then regret it, instead wait until you get home and then make yourself a salad, because you’ll benefit in the long run. And then Law of Gravity. We all know was gravity is. It’s the force that attracts two bodies toward each other. It’s working all the time as well, it never stops working. So, that’s something I definitely want to make sure everybody understands: all these laws are working all the time. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know about them or not, they’re still working. So once you start doing the work to understand them and practice using them and see how they work, it’s going to turn into wisdom. So you can know something, which is enlightenment, but until you use it, it’s going to become empowerment once you use it. And

that’s what we’re trying to share the knowledge that there is information out there that’s going to benefit your life if you take the time to understand it. And put it into practice.

CHRISTINE: Take the time to stay true to your highest thoughts, your highest vibration, and your highest sense of awareness for yourself.

SHERRILYN: You are worth the time. Put the time in and you will see a great benefit. Little things: using first party when you talk, understand the laws as best you can. Take the time, it’s fine if you take a little while to understand this, it’s years in the making for my understand at this level. And there’s still more levels to go, there’s more understanding, and you will attract into your life what you need to attract. So, allow, don’t resist, just allow and relax and take care of yourself, because yes, it’s going to help with the healing for you and humanity in the world and beyond. Okay, so that’s it for our discussion on the Universal Laws.

CHRISTINE: Okay, thank you for taking the time to listen to our discussion about Universal Laws. We hope that you take the time to live in the body, master the mind, and witness through spirit. Thank you.

SHERRILYN: Thank you.

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