HLS offers a number of enrollment opportunities.
As a metaphysician, Dr. Sherrilyn offers Holistic Counseling;
Life Coaching; & Self-Help Group Events.

HOLISTIC COUNSELING is offered to anyone seeking guidance with any challenge.
Book A Session  (Sessions are available online or at local location.)

LIFE COACHING is offered to anyone seeking guidance on how to easily improve their daily reality.
Book A Session  (Sessions are available online or at local location.)

SELF-HELP GROUP EVENTS include: Self-Empowerment 101; Money Mastery 101; Parenting Mastery; & Meditation & Movie Nite. Check Eventbrite for details, or contact HLS for schedule.

Any questions, please contact HLS: holisticlifesource@gmail.com

Available Online and at HLS Goshen Location.


Save big with these combined Courses.

(See below for description of these Courses)


All students enrolling in Course work begin with the Introduction Course (5 classes). Classes meet once weekly and last one hour with an additional fifteen minutes for Q&A directly following the hour-long class. These classes are offered to students in the typical didactic training method. The information taught during these Courses is meant to enlighten students so that they may learn how to begin to experience the life they desire.

We cover multiple easy-to-understand Self-Mastery Exercises throughout the Course work. These exercises will be thoroughly explained as well as prompted during classes. Reading via internet link will be part of student participation but any student will be able to opt out if requested.

Students may be asked to share during class, but we do not cover personal information. (Counseling is offered to all students wanting more of a one-to-one opportunity if enrolled or completed Self-Mastery classes.)

Self-Mastery Assignments (SMA) are assigned weekly. This is up to the student to complete. Assignments are not required to be handed in, but are highly recommended due to the integration of the work.

This is a safe and accepting classroom environment. HLS retains discretion to dismiss any student as seen fit.


Introductory course completion required.


Introductory and Beginner courses completion required.


Introductory and Beginner courses completion required.

Advanced class times vary in length of duration: Lasting from one hour to one hour and 30 mins.