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Christine Marie DeLaFuente, Holistic Life Coach & Youth Mentor


This is the 12th Episode from HLS and is a personal introduction to who is behind the HLS business and the importance of its existence.

This episode is the origin story of Christine Marie holistic life coach youth mentor. Join us in this special episode as we go back into the past to lay out how and why this metaphysical business and podcast came into being. Hope you enjoy this episode.

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Hello good people. It’s been awhile. Kasey and I just had an awesome conversation.

So after some time away from the HLS podcast, I’m back with excitement to explain how I’ve lead my life up to this day in my journey. So, my intentions today are to tell y’all who I am and what makes me capable and relatable to our listeners.

I am Christine Marie DeLaFuente and I’m so happy to be alive. Although that has not always been the case because of some harsh circumstances. I’m here to say I’ve overcome some deep sorrows and that anyone else can too. I’ve done so simply by stilling my mind to bring light to the shadows.

There have been many times I’ve heard stories of people who have had near death experiences or traumatic events that have forced them into the path of awakening. This was not the case for me. I know I was born aware, and here for a reason.

My father and mother had decided they were done having children after my older siblings, yet 11 years later I came to earth. That bit of information became important to me accepting that I do have a purposeful life.

In my early years, although still a lost child, I was nurturing to others and was always looking for what was fun and excited to learn. By the age 3, I was able to tie shoes and write my full name, I knew I was intelligent. I love to sing and dance. My mother instilled in us astrology and made us aware of our zodiacs and we even met in the mornings to share our dreams. This was happiness.

I have a memory from about 7 years old when I was listening to the elders in my family talk about resolving an issue and in that moment I thought to myself “I can’t wait until I am old enough to join their conversations, I cant wait til I’m old enough to have input.”

(There were many times my parents would find me listening to them and begin spelling out certain words in order to keep me at bay. Or I would comprehend a complex joke and laugh along, leaving them surprised of my deep understanding.)

As I become school age I went to public school in small town USA, where it became more obvious that I am unique. My mother is Native and White and my Father is Spanish Mexican.  I love them dearly but the need to fit in at that time in my life gave me the blues and over time dimmed my light. Because I am a mixed child I never matched any one group of friends. At the time it was super difficult because id be picked on no matter who I hung out with yet each group of peers looked up to me in different ways. I struggled to be ok with people copying my individuality since they were also making fun of me simultaneously.

This lasted through out high school, yet in my more mature teen years I understood how versatile my genes actually are! It became fun to be able to get along with the very different clicks of the school. I was the only one I knew that could sit at any table in the lunch room and they’d open up a seat for me. I became a bridge and this is a big part of my purpose here, to bridge the cultural gaps, because after all, we are all one.

My Jr. year of high school I became pregnant. I gave birth in July and returned to my last year as a student just 3 weeks after becoming an adolescent mother!!! I was told so many times to quit school. I was told I had to get married and move on from my peers. Even against counselors and my parents advising me one way, I stayed persistent with my vision for myself. I graduated on time (with my class) with my son on my hip. I participated in a program for teen parents to succeed. (Later, serving on their board to give back to teen parents.) They provided child care and even assistance with college applications. However, at that time in my young motherhood deep down I knew I wanted to help humanity heal. I avoided college for a few reasons and that was the last cord that finally disconnected me from my peers that I had grown up with.

I went through a major consciousness shift and when this happens the old mindsets die along with anything or anyone attached. I finally felt liberated and was able to be treated as the adult my smaller consciousness thought I was. I was 20 years old with a career that many older women had as there end goal. I felt very accomplished and successful. I worked for about 5 years before I began questioning things around me. I really felt like I was in that stage of consciousness of “why”. You know when children ask why is this, where is this, what is this? That’s where I was, so I went on a quest to find a better way.

By then I had met my partner. We introduced ourselves at a very synchronized time and haven’t been apart since. Those who know the story of the night we met can vouch it was divine timing. But that’s a story for a different podcast.

We decided to move in with one another and eventually had our daughter. It’s been 7 years since we met and life has and still is balancing its self out. When I met my match vibrationally in him my sol purpose was and is continuously being revealed.

He’s a writer and musician who uses his following to bring thought provoking ideas to the forefront. He is older than me by no surprise and had already been through a metaphysical school, but I was unfamiliar with metaphysics at the time and I quietly watched as he meditated and I remember thinking to myself “that’s a lot like how I introvert when I’m sad.” You see, I left out the part where I fell into a deep depression, after my friends moved away to college, after learning to co-parent since, after I resigned from a career with a 401k. I felt so lost in my outer world that the only thing left to do was sit down somewhere and be very very still. This is where I got stated going within. I had plenty of guidance and it took only a few weeks to attune to my higher self.

Daily meditations led me to many memories of being in other realms that were not only this physical 3D. Memories flooded back from childhood when my heighten senses noticed energies that were unseeable to the naked eye. Knowing this, I was devastated that my programming (from childhood) lead me so off track of my full abilities.

Yet, even equipped with this knowledge of myself, I was still depressed and feeling uncomfortable with life. It wasn’t until I began structured studies that I could pull myself of out the beliefs that “I was weird and didn’t fit in or was crazy for believing in ghosts or life after death.” My aha moment was when I began my next job at an organic Co Op. The month before a now close friend of Dr. K and I was also hired at this same Co Op. We began talking and we found many synchronicities in our lives, and I was helping her through some relationship issues. I introduced her first to meditation and the energy hubs (chakras) of our bodies. She instantly became interested and we became close friends. She’s important to my evolving as a women since this is a person who I consider a friend, since having lost all of my (other) peers. She brought Dr. K into our job for a workshop and that’s how Sherrilyn and I first met. If Sherrilyn were here right now I’m sure she’ll tell you I was the first person outside of her children that could also speak about higher consciousness. I also had the drive to further our knowledge and help raise awareness. Since then we’ve been together striving to build holistic life source in order to truly help humanity. This IS the path I was searching for, & it’s funny because I’ve been on it all along. I just could not see myself or where I’m going. It’s so important to check reflections in the closest ones to us. And to both of them I am grateful.

Along this whole summarized story I’ve made many many life changes to become more light. I stick to a plant based diet, for an example; became so very easy because I’m always reminded of my purpose. Once I became more aligned, the temptation to fall back into the old habit of eating meat was not there, because I could always remember the purpose of what I was doing. This principle can be applied anywhere in your own lives.

We all deserve to know our purpose and by finding mine I wish to be an example for you to begin your steps into your true selves. I can be your reflection because we’re all light. I had to let go of the heavy sadness of what happened to me in order to become light. I am light and shed light unto anyone willing to reach.

I am now a holistic life coach and youth mentor, and I am ready to being the next phase of my life. If you like to find you can email @ holisticlschristine@gmail.com or find me on our website. Holisticlifesource.com I can provide online based council for anyone needing specific clarity in their own life.

Wholeness and balanced vibrations everyone. I cannot wait to talk to you all again.

Remember —Live in the Body, Master the Mind, and Witness Through Spirit. Thanks again for listening.

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Live in the Body, Master the Mind, Witness through Spirit.