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Teaching Note: Forgiveness Releases Me!

Teaching Note 011

Hello & Welcome. Thanks for joining HLS today. Let’s Start with Setting our Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

Again, I feel this TN will be more effective if I teach it using 1st party, where I can, but will switch back and forth as needed. Just remember that you do the same where you can, and If this is your first HLS podcast episode, just understand that 1st party is used to create a feeling and understanding of personal responsibility. The words used for 1st party language are: me, I & my. Remember to use this empowering exercise where appropriate due to the powerful benefit.

Also as I go through this particular Teaching Note, I am going to be thinking of a personal experience so as to put the energy into this expression and hopefully you will be able to put in your own pieces and make it work as a personal journey for you.


Why Forgive?

Ok, so, someone hurt me. Hurt me badly. His actions stole away my sweet, loving, innocent and trusting nature. He took away something that was dear to me and spoiled it. I was unaware of the harm this act would cause me, what it would take from me. He wanted it though, and smooth-talked his way into getting it from me. It turned out to be no benefit to either of us. There was a good deal of sneakiness on his part, he must have known that the act was quite vicious & it caused great damage to my life. It was unforgivable.

I feel the shame, I feel the hurt, I feel the sadness. I feel the fear. I feel the anger. This act ripped me up inside. This act changed me forever. This act became a toxic virus and imprinted on every single cell in my body. How can I possibly live every day encased in this dirty, nasty energy? I’m disgusted, I feel sick. I feel like I cant go on after this has happened to me. What am I going to do? How can I go on? How can I possibly forget this? Or heal this? I have no way of knowing what to do? I am ruined. I am lost.

—I kept this incident to myself for a very long time. I was so young and felt so alone. I was scared to tell anyone, and so ashamed. Even if I had found the words to explain what had happened, I’m not sure I would have been believed. So I kept it hidden and therefore, I had no one to guide me through this, so it festered. It stayed a part of my background noise for years. This is why I must forgive.

How to Forgive

Why should I forgive him? He should have known how wrong it was. I know there was pain in his past, but that is no excuse for the damage done to me.

HLS NOTE: I want to make sure to stress one key factor here: to forgive someone,
does not mean that you condone their behavior. Hear this— that if something was done to you that was morally wrong on any level, there is no need to excuse it. We are looking to free you from the ties of this low vibrational frequency. We are meaning to free you
from this destructive energy. Not condone the behavior.

To quote Gandhi, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.”

So, now, to begin the forgiveness process— I must be completely honest about what I think happened and how I feel about it. I must see the truth, feel the truth and validate that this is what is true for me— No one else’s opinion matters. I allow myself to see the truth as I see it. This is not the place to analyze it in a way where I would say something like, “well, I deserved it,” or “he was drunk or upset about something and I just got in the way.” It’s not about that— that is ego and has to do with repression and denial. This is about seeing what happened in as much truth as I can manage and how I feel about it now. It is about my truth. My Truth on this experience— trusting myself to see it, to feel it as it is true for me. This begins to build confidence, self-confidence, by way that, I know myself. I see my truths and can begin to understand what is best for me. I can use this awareness of how I feel, and the truth I see, to become a boundary-building exercise. So, as I do the work to forgive, I can change my life.

How Life Can Change Once I Forgive

Remember, LOA (Law of Attraction) is working all the time. Therefore, I know that as I do this work I am changing my vibrational frequency. I am releasing the vibrational frequencies that continue to attract like frequencies. I am talking about the victim vibration. Once I feel through this victim vibrational frequency completely, I will no longer attract a victim experience. How wonderful is that? I love it. I can now attract higher frequencies. Frequencies like joy & love.

Another benefit I receive as I forgive all those who trespassed against me is more energy dedicated to creating the life I want to live. What I gain is more of my life-force energy. All that energy that was designated to holding onto those victim vibrations is now freed up for other creations. So, let’s say that if I am holding onto many hurts or grudges against all those who “wronged” me, I have dedicated some of my life-force energy to holding on to these energies. As I forgive, I now have more of my life-force energy rerouted to new, and hopefully better endeavors.

Understanding My True Power

I believe that most everything I experience in my life is due to a pre-agreed to contract with the other person. Whomever I have had what I, or my ego considers, to be a negative experience with, I believe I signed-up for it. Why would I do such a thing? I did it simply to evolve. This may be too difficult for some to understand, but it helps me realize the power I have. This is the power to release the energies that keep me tied or linked to this past. The past is done. It is time to let it go. I take responsibility for the part I played in the action of the lesson. Who would I be if I didn’t experience the lesson? It is done. I want to no longer play victim, so I take on the responsibility of the energy exchange. I work to learn my lesson from the experience and strive to create my strong safe and loving boundaries. I am worthy of all that I want, and I am powerful enough to protect and manifest a life worth living.

I want to add here, that the more research I do, the more I realize that it is wholly about my perspective. Therefore, to look to another on what they think or how they perceive what I am perceiving doesn’t matter. This is somewhat in relation to my divine right to free-will.

What this all means to me is that I have the power to see it however I wish to see it, the experience, the feeling, the reason, the lesson— really any of it. I am in complete power of how I view my life experiences. I am not the only one to do this— meaning, change the original experience or truth to justify what I see, learn or live the way it works best for my evolution. I feel this is true for so many entities, including how a family survives, a government runs, a religion rules— everything adjusts to make it through to the next step, to survive. Notice how things you grew up with either changed to continue on or didn’t change and dissolved.

Time to Practice

Personally, I feel, I have put in place all the lessons I felt I needed to experience to rise above, not deny and/or resist, but to allow in the truth of my experience. These experiences  are for me to learn from, to understand, as on an all accepting level.

What is the ultimate being-ness that I so desperately search for? I want to live a life of true freedom. How can I obtain true freedom if I do not create an existence filled with peace? True inner-peace. Inner-peace is the key to freedom. Therefore, I cannot hold onto any energies that have become stagnant due to a long-ago trespass. I must release all lower frequencies, especially frequencies tethering me to any other beings. I must do this work to live a life truly free and peaceful.

Remember that you are the one who knows your boundaries, or if you do not yet know them, you must learn them, for you are the only one who can protect them. For those who would like an introduction to protecting boundaries, listen to the HLS podcast episode 009. This will expose you to information on defining your boundaries and how to protect them which is again, up to you. I recommend you also listen to episode 010 for how to Heal your Emotional Body. Take a piece at a time and practice it to help you change your programing and rewrite your past. This is possible due to the brains plasticity. All can be reprogramed, rewired. Imagine running only programs of safety, freedom and love. All is up to you, no one else can do this work for you, it is solely your responsibility. Of course there are ways to get help, or guidance if you so desire. It can be difficult at times to see your truth, the ego knows it’s job and does it well. As you search for help though, I recommend you listen to what feels best to you. And depending on the help you find, you may benefit greatly by healing faster, which may also help your personal evolution.


…That’s it for the TN. There will be no discussion on this topic. Any questions or concerns on the topic of forgiveness, please feel free to contact HLS at holisticlifesource.com. Thanks for joining HLS and I hope you are able to utilize this information for your own personal evolution while raising your vibrational frequency to attract the life you wish to live.

Remember —Live in the Body, Master the Mind, and Witness Through Spirit. Thanks again for listening.

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