Holistic Services

May be available at HLS Goshen Location and/or Online. See individual services for details.

Lucia N°03

Available at the Goshen Location. Event locations also available.

The Lucia N°03 Light is a tool designed to create coherence within the Brain.

Sessions are individual experiences and can run from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the individual.

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Available Online and at the Goshen Location. Event locations also available.

No Experience needed.

Online Meditation Instruction:
5 Sessions — First Session will run 30 minutes with additional time for Q&A. Last 4 sessions only run 10 to 15 minutes each. Email will be sent when payment is received. (Please plan to complete sessions within 8 weeks of sign-up date.)

Local Meditation Instruction:
Goshen location — Guided Mediations Offered — contact HLS for schedule.
Private sessions available, please contact HLS.
River Plaza
320 North Chicago Ave. Ste. 9A
Goshen, Indiana 46528
574-596-4877 text or leave message


Dr. K. offers Distant Healing Only.

Can also be sent to pets.

Please call 574-971-5443
for in-house Reiki by
Dalis Andrews, RM

Subject to change without notice.