Holistic Services

Life Coaching Sessions

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Metaphysician:

Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner (Dr. K.) uses a professional training system that helps you to quickly achieve your self-help goals. Dr. K. studies your unique case history so that she can co-create a mastery formula designed specifically for you, to help you achieve your self-help objectives as quickly as humanly possible. During your first few classes Dr. K. will facilitate several diagnostic exercises that will determine what your most important self-help objectives are so that she can help you create the permanent behavioral changes that you desire.

Dr. K. will clinically measure and quantify your self-help improvements so that you will be able to see for yourself how fast you are improving. She will train you to tap into your innate multi-sensory abilities by teaching you how to use the feeling exercises which will increase your intuitive powers. Dr. K. will instruct you how to emotionalize— meaning to bring your intellectual knowledge into your behavior —as you learn how to emotionalize, you will change and the imprint will be permanent… this is key to your empowerment!

Available Online and at HLS Goshen Location.

Introductory Sessions

Introductory Session Completion Required before any other Sessions begin.

Materials cost not included in Session Fees. Materials Required can be found here.

Must be at least 18 years old to enroll. See below for Instructions.

Payment required before Sessions begin. Subject to change without notice.

5 Introductory Life Coaching Sessions

60 Minutes Each

$475.00 USD

21 Life Coaching Sessions

Includes: Introductory/Self-Discovery/Relationship Mastery

60 Minutes Each

$1995.00 USD

Continuation Sessions

Introductory Session Completion required.

8 Sessions

60 Minutes Each

$760.00 USD

8 Session
Relationship Mastery

60 Minutes Each

$760.00 USD

Single Session Continuation

60 Minutes

$95.00 USD