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Teaching Note: Creating Health by Being Truthful


This is the sixteenth Episode in the HLS podcast. In this episode Dr. K shares with you why it is so important to be truthful with yourself. Knowing and speaking your truth affects your health— mental, emotional and physical. Learn how to start hearing your truth, knowing your truth and living your truth.

This show is hosted by Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, metaphysician. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Hello & Welcome. Thanks for joining HLS today. Let’s Start with Setting our Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

Again, I feel this Teaching Note will be more effective if I teach it using 1st party, where I can, but I will switch back and forth as I need to. Just remember that you do the same where you can, & if this is your first HLS podcast episode, just understand that 1st party is used to create an awareness and understanding of personal responsibility. The words used for 1st party language are me, I & my. Remember to use this exercise where appropriate due to the powerful benefit.


Why Don’t I Tell The Truth? 

Ok, so, many of us just flat out deny what we know to be true. Why is this? It is because human beings have a survival mechanism automatically installed. This mechanism is called the ego-mind or ego mentality. Left unchecked, the ego-mind will happily run our lives. However, this ego-mind is fear based and provides any belief, or thought it needs to to keep the body alive. This is about survival. Therefore, the ego-mind is full of untruths. It runs the default programs that particular human has been programed with. These programs can evolve over time and continue to become more and more corrupt. And no matter how corrupt these programs get, they will continue to run unconsciously and unchecked until the true-self steps in and rewires the program. 

For example: As a child, Jesse learned to lie. He learned to lie because his dad took him to the store and bought him some candy, and his dad didn’t want Jesse’s mom to know so he said, “Now Jesse, don’t tell your mom about the candy, it’s just between you and me, because you know, your mom doesn’t like us to eat candy and she will get mad and yell.” And so begins the virus in the program of truth. As a child, Jesse can’t discern that this is not good for him because an important adult is teaching him to not tell the truth so that he won’t get in trouble. Although, it is probable that unconsciously Jesse may feel this is wrong, due to his ego-mind program for survival, he goes along with what this adult has told him to do. This new information now creates a new neural-net and the program of lying begins to take precedence. 

This may seem like a simple thing, but actually it is the start of a virus in the program of truth. This virus can spread and infect many other programs in Jesse’s brain. Meaning that this can begin a program where Jesse starts to tell himself lies. If he doesn’t feel it is safe to know or speak the truth he will unconsciously run this program and lie to himself and others. 

To find his truths, he has to look to his other bodies. His other bodies consist of: the mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body which I would call the true-self. These all affect his physical body. These bodies need to be in harmony, or in his truth of who he really is and what he truly sees and feels. He must accept the truths from these bodies to create a holistic experience. Understanding these bodies and knowing how they are resonating affect his life experience. If he continues to deny the truths from his other bodies, he will continue to struggle in his life.

For example: Now Jesse is an adult. He has never cleared away this virus and it has spread. He not only lies about little stuff to his partner, but also lies to himself about whatever he may feel he needs to protect himself from. This is causing disharmony within his mental, emotional and physical bodies. It also causes problems in his relationships. If he is not honest in his relationships with others and himself, then the relationships will also be in disharmony. Therefore the relationships aren’t built to last— like if you were to build a house on a foundation that wasn’t solid, it would eventually crumble and fall. This is how lies affect relationships.

Telling The Truth to Another 

As humans, we live in a world of relationships. So, to clarify how to be truthful with another, just know that when I suggest that you tell your truth this doesn’t mean I am suggesting that you just spout off your opinions or blatantly judge others in ways that will create resentment. That is not what I am teaching here. For example, if someone were to ask me a question and my truthful response would hurt them or make them feel bad in some way, I wouldn’t not tell my truth, I would work to skillfully still tell my truth without causing upset. I believe this is a skill that takes practice.

For example: Someone asks me if I like the hat they are wearing, and I don’t actually like the hat. I’m not going to say, “No, its ugly,” and hurt their feelings. I would be gentler, like my response would be: “If you like the hat, and it makes you feel good then yes, I like the hat for you.” Which is true for me.

There is also the possibility that no matter how you answer it, will upset the other person, this can be due to their own insecurities. Each situation is unique and working with another can bring in a mystery that no one can predict, but as a rule, telling my truth is best for everyone.

Why The Truth Matters 

If I don’t tell the truth, I am constantly out of harmony with my true-self. This causes lack in my life and creates limitations. I can feel these limitations in one or all of my bodies. This disharmony can show up as pain and disease in my physical body, or anxiety and stress in my emotional body. It can cause chaos and lack of clarity in my mental body. If I cannot get to a place of harmony in all of my bodies, creating peace and joy and freedom become nearly impossible. Therefore the inability to tell myself my truths affect my total life experience. 

Working to get back into harmony in all of my bodies takes awareness and action. As I become aware of my mental body and how my thoughts create how I feel, I begin to change my thoughts and work to create truth and harmony because I know that I am the only one responsible for my thoughts. Thoughts matter. If they don’t match my truth, then they creates disharmony in my body. As I stay aware of my thoughts, I notice how I feel and then become aware of my emotional body and notice when it is out of sync, such as when I feel anger, hurt or frustration— to name a few emotions. I know I have to accept that truth, the truth of how my thoughts make me feel. It is normal to deny and repress these feelings, but denying and repressing these feelings keeps me stuck in the program of untruths. To change this, or to rewire the old program I must take action to release these feelings that may be causing me pain or disease. Pain and disease in my physical body can mean I am out of sync with my truth. 

Living My Truth 

As I understand this need to be truthful and grasp the benefits I receive by knowing my truth, feeling my truth and speaking my truth, I just need to continue to practice because what this does is creates a new neural-net in my brain that rewrites the old neural-net of untruths. I practice because I want to be in harmony with my true-self, my higher-self. This is about my evolution to my ultimate self— who I really am. 

As long as the lesson resonates with you, and you understand that it is a powerful tool to set you on your true path, to take action is the next step in this endeavor. What is a lie you tell yourself? What do you deny or repress or minimize? Being honest is key here. For each situation, being honest can set you free from all those lies that are keeping you in your own little prison. This prison you yourself have created. The prison is the limitations from a lack of honesty. Allow yourself to see your truth, accept things as you really feel them, as you really see them. No one other than you needs to know how you truly feel about anything, meaning, that you don’t need to justify to others how you see things, what you think about them and how you feel about them. This goes for pretty much everything that is in your reality. The important thing here is to be truthful with yourself. 

Take the time to go through this exercise and see how honest you can be with yourself about one particular lie you may be telling yourself. See the truth and allow yourself to know it, then practice this new way of life and allow the flow of good things to come your way. Only you can do this work for you. As you open yourself up to seeing and accepting your truths, understand that while it may feel uncomfortable at first, living your truth is ultimately one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

That’s it for the TN. If you have any questions or concerns on the topic of being honest and truthful, please feel free to email HLS or book an session at holisticlifesource.com. Thanks for joining HLS and I hope you are able to utilize this information for your own personal evolution, and in so doing, raise your vibrational frequency.

Remember to Live in the Body, Master the Mind, & Witness Through Spirit.

Thank You for Listening.


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