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Teaching Note: Life Got Good Because I…


This is the fifteenth Episode in the HLS podcast. In this episode Dr. K. shares with you what needs to happen to get the life you want— Finally!.

This show is hosted by Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, metaphysician. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Hello & Welcome. Thanks for joining HLS today. Let’s Start with Setting our Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

Again, I feel this Teaching Note will be more effective if I teach it using 1st party, where I can, but will switch back and forth as I need to. Just remember that you do the same where you can. And if this is your first HLS podcast episode, or it’s been awhile, please understand that 1st party is used to create a feeling and understanding of personal responsibility. The words used for 1st party language are: me, I & my. Remember to use this exercise where appropriate due to the powerful benefit.

As we go through this information please allow yourself to hear what is coming up for you. If it is possible to stop and write things down so you can work on them after, that would most likely be beneficial for your evolution and empowerment which can eventually create the experiences in life you want to experience.

I would also like to add here that if something doesn’t resonate with you at this time, maybe you can ask yourself “Why?” as in, this information doesn’t feel right or I don’t know if I believe in that idea or concept. This is perfectly normal (especially) if the information is new to you. First, just sit with it. No need to resist it, just notice how you feel about it. Accept the feeling— I have used this technique often. Let’s say I want to attract something in my life, but know it isn’t resonating— like when I first started saying to myself, “I love myself, unconditionally.” That felt off to me, but I knew that if I didn’t love myself unconditionally, I wouldn’t be able to attract that as a truth, which would keep me from attracting all that I want to experience. So, when I would say, or even just think, the words, “I love myself, unconditionally.” I would scan my body for the feeling that felt off. It took time and practice to get this to reprogram in my neural-nets which really goes to the cellular level of my entire physical body. So, remember that sometimes it can take months or even longer before something resonates within your changing beliefs.

All is in Divine timing and you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. I feel there is more to this, but let’s keep this simple. So for now, just understand that this information is here to enlighten you, it’s up to you to empower you. Empowerment is how you use the knowledge learned to create the life you want to live.


Why Am I Here?

Have you asked yourself this question? Do you know what your purpose is here? Is it— to learn lessons; burn karma; evolve? This is something you may ask yourself. What is my truth? What Feels right to me when I ask myself this question— Why Am I Here?— Am I a leader? Am I support? Am I the driving force for an initiative that is to make earth life better; stronger; more loving? Am I here to acquire an all-accepting vibration of all that which is throughout the cosmos? Can I imagine more? Can I believe in my own greatness? Can I work towards it? Why is it important to achieve a state of joy; of happiness; of love? Now, hit the pause button— and actually ask yourself. Or go to this episode’s Show Notes to see the questions and answer them if you choose this challenge.

This is the reason for this episode. This episode is about the doing, the action, the implementing of all that you have studied, all that you have learned. You can know, but that doesn’t get you to the level of experience, which brings you to your evolution. It is in the doing.

Understanding Me

Remember, as I listen to myself and start to live what I believe works for me, I can notice what is working in my life, and what doesn’t. It is the doesn’ts that I need to become aware of. I can change anything I want. I am so powerful and combining that with the truth that I have free-will, it just works out that I am in control. I am of the creative power, the All Loving Source power, that has always existed and will exist forever in some form. I am from this, therefore I am this as well— I am everlasting energy.

I can be in harmony with who I truly am, or I can create dis-harmony and struggle with my own creations. It is (all) up to me to choose. Again, I ask myself: “What is best for me?” I’m not saying this is easy, but to learn my truth and live it, by doing what feels right for me while staying in harmony with those around me can be a simple life once I have practiced enough to have the new belief rewired into my unconscious.

Noticing My Patterns

What keeps happening? Notice what I talk about all the time, or struggle with all the time, or what seems like a lot of the time. I’m not going to let ego get away with saying, oh, well, that isn’t true for me, I am great! —There are no struggles in my life. I tell my ego to be quiet and let me hear my truth— I ask “What is it that keeps coming up? What do I not like about my life? What happened today? or yesterday? or last weekend? or last night? I get quiet and listen to my complaints — I don’t like it when… (dot dot dot) happens, that really makes me angry, or frustrates me, or hurts my feelings.

Focus on what is in the now. There may be loads of work to do, loads of things to accomplish, but to focus on the here and now of what is my next step? What is my lesson now? Do the work right now! What is coming up? Again, stop the episode and do the work! Answer the question: What is a pattern that I have to continually battle against? It is only a program, a pattern… I can rewire anytime I want, I just have to see it, accept that it is my doing, and then feel through it, or break the pattern.

For example: If I learned to lie as a child to protect myself, I created a pattern to lie to protect myself, usually from fears of dangers that didn’t exist in reality, but in my own beliefs, I kept the pattern going even if there was no danger of getting hurt. Once I became aware of it— like I saw myself lying— I would stop mid-lie and change my words. If I felt fear from it, I would feel through the fear, not deny it, but accept the fear and create a new frequency of vibration as I felt through it and then told the truth! This is the implementing. This is the work. This is the personal responsibility that only I can take on. It’s up to me to accomplish this.

Living My Truth

As I listen to others beliefs, I feel resistance. Why? I found that it is because if I resist something that someone else tells me I should believe or do or just any “You shoulds…” I started asking myself if this ‘whatever’ is right for me? Is this what I believe works for me?

Remember that these are my personal beliefs and it is up to you to discern whether or not you believe this as well. I don’t recommend you follow anyone blindly, it is your responsibility to do your own research for your own evolution. This is important! Take what you feel works best for you and tweak or disregard anything that doesn’t. Learn to listen to your own inner-truth. This is up to you! —no one else can do this for you! Only you can know what is right for you— Only You! Or in 1st party, Only Me! I know what’s best for Me! 

Implementing What I Learn

Enlightenment vs. Empowerment! Now, I know what I know, but to become wise and empowered, I must implement this knowledge. I can tweak anything that is not working for me. Most information I learned was from other peoples suggestions or experiences. So, now to make it mine. I can take all that I know, which is a lot, especially if I have been studying enlightenment for years, and put it into practice. Take one of the pieces that most resonates with you and apply it in your life.

For example: Let’s say you are going to implement the feelings exercise and 1st party: So, using 1st party, I notice as I go through my daily life, something happens that makes me angry. I then take a look at it and ask “Why does that make me angry?” I pay attention to the body and ask “Where do I feel it?” I take some time to really listen and look into the body to feel where this upset is. I do my work… my work being, feeling the sensationdo I feel pressure? tension? heat? tightness? Then I keep my attention on it, or feel it, until I don’t feel it anymore. That is what has to happen to implement what I learned. Now, I have just changed my vibration. I continue to do this everyday until I become a master at feeling my feelings, and using 1st party.

This is what I am here to do, I am here to evolve, well really I am all that I am already, but I am playing a game that I have created with beliefs that block my true power. The game is just an experience and I can change my experience when I change my vibrations. Move the energy that I myself have stopped. I do this by feeling the sensation! The sensation is blocked energy. Feeling the sensation moves the energy. Only I can do this (work), only I can do my work. Now is the time! Be in the now and feel. 


As I continue to use what I have learned, such as all the self-help enlightenment that I have gathered over the years and that which resonates with me, I am in awareness and notice any results that happen. I do this by taking inventory so to speak. It may help to start a self-mastery journal— Make sure to date the entries. As I implement the 1st party and feelings exercises as well as any other emotional exercises I have learned, I take note of the changes in my life. What was bothering me 6 months ago? Am I truly noticing a difference in my life now that I have mastered the feelings exercise? This is where I can also practice hearing my truth. This is the time to really listen to what I feel is true— To be still and know that I can achieve clarity.

Many of my beliefs— the programs, also known to me by the way I automatically live my life— belong to others, so now it is time for me to decide what beliefs to keep and what beliefs no longer serve me. Again, I am the only one who can do this for me. I have to be the one to rewire my pre-programed beliefs to beliefs that serve me. Beliefs like: I love myself unconditionally, I deserve the life I want, I deserve the love I want, the relationship I want, the career I want, and the security I want. I am Divine and from the Eternal Source of Love. I have all the power within me, and I can create all that I want. I can do this work internally, I need no one’s approval of this new me and can achieve the experience I want as long as I believe I am empowered!

Ok, so that’s it for the TN. We are not going to have a discussion on this topic, because it’s about the doing of all that you have learned. And you will see your progress as you implement what you have learned here on this podcast. Feel free to go back through the HLS podcast and re-listen to any episodes that resonate with you. We also offer Free Worksheets on the HLS website and have coaching and counseling available. HLS is here to help you achieve your life goals, but again, no one can do your work for you, it is up to you to implement what you have learned. You can accomplish all that you wish to accomplish. We are on your side and send you love and light vibrations! If you have any questions or concerns on any topic covered in this podcast, please feel free to email HLS at holisticlifesource.com . And again, Thanks for joining HLS! and we hope you are able to utilize this information for your own personal evolution.

Remember to Live in the Body, Master the Mind, and Witness Through Spirit.

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