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Lucia N°03 Light Therapy


This is the thirteenth Episode in the HLS podcast. In this episode Dr. K. and Christine Marie discuss their experience with the Lucia N°03. A stroboscopic or hypnagogic light that takes the traveler into their subconscious mind.

This show is hosted by Christine Marie, Holistic Life Coach, and Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, metaphysician. Join them as they recount their travels through a flickering light therapy and explain the possible benefits, effects and evolutionary journey of the Lucia N°03 Light.

Introduction: Lucia N°03

Hello & Welcome. Thanks for joining HLS today. Let’s Start with Setting our Intention — (remember, say it with me, even if it is just in your own thoughts) “I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.”

Ok, Great! Now, let’s jump into this —amazing and fantastic light therapy, well maybe it’s much more than a therapy— We will leave it up to you to decide how you wish to allow your mind to describe it.

To attempt to explain, however, I am going to take much from a blog post from Allison Pelissier, from the traveling light website. See link in Show Notes. ( http://www.lucialightexperience.com/lucia-light-blog )

*** So, the question is: What is the Lucia N°03? ***

It is a system that uses solid and flickering light to induce an altered state. It was developed in 2009 at the base of the Tyrolean Alps in Austria. The Lucia N°03 was created by Dr. Engelbert Winkler (psychologist, hypnotherapist and legal consultant for youth) and Dr. Dirk Proeckl (medical neurologist and psychiatrist).

Following  the age-old tradition of using flickering light to get into a meditative state (think campfires), the Lucia N°03 invites the light traveler into an expanded state of consciousness. It is also known as a “hypnagogic light machine” referring to the dreamy place between wakefulness and sleep. Reported benefits include: clarity, increased creativity, deep relaxation, inner peace and other-worldly experiences.

The light offers similar reported benefits of psychedelic substances such as psilocybin, the Lucia N°03 invites the light traveler to let go of the stresses of daily life and relax into a beautiful world of colors, patterns and images created by their own mind.

I would also like to add an excerpt from the creators of Lucia N°03, from their article titled: Neuropsycholysis and its Therapeutic Integration. Dr. Dirk starts off with a personal forward. This is much of what he shares:

Never in all the years of work within the confines of the public healthcare system would I have thought that Engelbert’s report of his near death experience would bring me once again in contact with the familiar topics of psychedelics, meditation, and mysticism and offer me a more fundamental means of entry to therapeutic healing than many of the methods that I had become acquainted with in the mean time.

In our joint work with light we developed —through practical experience in the area of therapy —an entry point to the applicable principles which underly any effective therapy and which can therefore be combined with various approaches and yet far exceed the definition of a therapy.

While the focus here is light stimulation, what is more essential is the exploration of the “inner” worlds through the adventurous spirit of individual light journeyers.

Now I would like to share with you, most of Dr. Winkler’s ending points from this article:

The time is past, when the number of available intervention options (consultation, therapy) was manageable; and those that were available were based on solid theories or empirical findings and formulated according to the state of the relevant sciences as a training system with serious evaluation.

Expertise is by nature called into question, yet more and more incomprehensible expert opinions stand in opposition to one another. In addition, more and more people acquire knowledge through modern media.

Even against this background, I can only recommend to all parties, try this “ancient approach” for yourself! At any rate, I do not know a more satisfying way of helping others to work through their issues, to find their own creative solutions, and thereby transform themselves.

…Never before have I felt myself so much a therapist.


That’s it from the Doctors.

To break this down for my own understanding, I feel like this invention is a wonderful tool to be experienced for all those who are seeking their own truths that are hidden within their unconscious so that they can be observed and healed.

Experiencing a Light Journey with the Lucia No.03 

Ok, so, as I hold space for others who wish to experience the Lucia N°03, I find that the general feeling experienced is it is very relaxing. Also, I find that it is a safe awakening modality,  where you are in control of the experience, meaning you can stop it at anytime by covering your eyes or ending the journey. You have the elements that are all you, like, i mean the true you, the conscious you and the unconscious you —not necessarily just your left brain mentality, where you have to label and flatten it out, but in addition the higher-self you, the spiritual you. It like it lights things up (pun intended) but creates a harmony between the two. Even if it is indescribable.

Knowing that there is an element of control, as you journey, some allow the doors to open so they can release those vibrations that are attracting unwanted experiences. While others choose to repress those vibrations during the journey while maybe choosing to work on them at a later date. This ability to choose how one wants to work is up to each individual due to Free-Will, remember we all have this Divine right of Free-Will.

Other experiences include physical sensations, images, out of body experiences, and rejuvenation.

So, I have some words of advice, only advice— take what resonates with you and discard the rest.

I would suggest not to resist what comes up. Use your frontal cortex appropriately, it is the tool you use to choose what to pay attention to — Ask yourself— “Where is my focus?” Notice it in your body. Your body is telling you where something is out of harmony with your truth. For example, if I feel something like tightness in my wrist, which I have felt while under the light, it was faint, but there. So I notice it and then focus on it rather than resist it. Feeling is a lost language. Feeling is helpful to release trapped energies in the body. Feelings are intuitive messages from my true-self. A way to let feelings out is through Visualizing. Remember, the mind doesn’t know what is real and what is not, so you can pretend that you are doing something like releasing your anger at someone or something without that someone or something within your range of expression, you are still releasing the energy in your reality. And once you do that, which is the work, you have changed your vibrational frequency. This is key to your healing! …Emotions are experienced all over the body. It is your job to feel through these feelings, no matter where they are in the body. It is your job, because you are the only one who can feel your feelings and change your reality. We are wired to seek pleasure, so we avoid these feelings, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t affecting our daily experience. Remember LOA is working all the time—Law of Attraction is like attracts like, or to be more specific, like vibrations are attracting like vibrations. Become aware of what is happening in your life that you don’t like, and do the work to change your vibration. Be Honest about your emotions! No premature positive thinking! Being honest with yourself equals Emotional integrity. Emotional Integrity is how you will evolutionarily level up!

Some more thoughts or reminders if you become a light traveler, or have traveled already:

First of all— remember, I am powerful! As in Divinely powerful— a child of the creator— energy & consciousness. Keep it all in perspective, & remember who I truly am & what I am here to do. — (of course, Im using 1st party, which brings in personal responsibility. Try it, it will feel different )

  • It is safe for me to face my fears, for I am creating them, therefore I can dis-create them. I am the only one who can rewire them. I may have acquired them as a child when I was too small to face them, but now I am an adult with adult powers. I cannot change the past, but it is now my responsibility to heal my dysfunctional beliefs (vibrations).
  • Stay in the body, like how does it feel. Stay present. Relax.
  • It can also be helpful to repeat a mantra. Even just a vibration of AUM (in research I found that that was the first sound of Source Energy/God/Creator, or whatever you want to call your life energy).
  • Going back to the physical body — Pay Attention! How does my body feel? How to put my focus on the emotional body is by focusing on the physical body, what is the sensation?
  • Everything is energy — which is vibrating. I might explain it like this: energy needs to flow. It flows in and out of form kinda thing. But if I hold it in one place it may get stagnant— like water. So, that’s why feeling my feelings is so important. A great reference to get out is “Feelings Buried Alive…Never Die” by Karol Truman … this book can help you link the painful feelings or diseases in the body to emotions that need released. I use it all the time. It’s on HLS reading list. I’ll put a link in the show notes.

Ok, so those are just some options that you can use while you are under the light or after the light. The main point is to feel what you are feeling and not resist. But again, it’s up to you, this is your life and your decision. You know what is best for you. You already know your truth.

So as we discuss this topic, please understand that I don’t want to put something in your head— because I don’t want to limit your experience. We are reporting more or less on our own personal experiences as best we can with the words we have to work with. Also, keep in mind that we are still new to this technology, if you can really call it that, because it is, yet it is really more like a technology that is opening doors. Opening personal doors, and cleaning floors and getting in to those deep dark corners. It is hmmmmm… well, that is how I would describe it for now. Ever changing, ever evolving as should all good things.

Now for our personal experiences and evaluations while Christine & I discuss our journeys…

Discussion: …

Ok, so we thats what we have for now… Christine.

I would like to end this episode with— why it is beneficial for the journeyer to employ a light ambassador, a facilitator. I will share an excerpt from the article written by the creators (of the Lucia N°03):

…The practitioner is available when it comes to helping to integrate one’s (light) experience into everyday life or for planning further steps. Neuropsycholitic practitioners are tasked with helping psychonautic journeyers to manifest (in whatever way possible) their inner conscious experience with the help of neuropsycholysis in the best way possible and then accompanying or assisting them (again, within their competencies).

The availability of neuropsycholitic practitioners is fundamental and not specific. Practitioners are in any case trained to implement appropriate emergency measures or as necessary providing referrals for additional resources for helping or integrating one’s experience (for instance, psychotherapy).

The primary responsible of neuropsycholytic practitioners, and therefore their primary competency, is to open up an “individual portal” with which to provide access to a configurable psychedelic self-experience of any depth that approximates a near death experience even when the depth of the experience is minimal – which is the whole point.

Thereafter, the practitioner is available when it comes to helping to integrate one’s experience into everyday life or for planning further steps.

Rare negative effects on client mood as a result of a neuropsycholitic experience have in any case a primary diagnostic character and (after the initiation of a corresponding therapeutic follow-up) can be positively viewed (because a reaction or manifestation in another, potentially more problematic context is prevented). If necessary, clients can be referred out to an appropriate clinician.


Any questions or concerns on the topic of this amazing meditation and conscious tool, please feel free to email HLS at holisticlifesource.com. Thanks for joining HLS and we hope you are able to utilize this information for your own personal evolution while raising your vibrational frequency.

Remember to Live in the Body, Master the Mind, and Witness Through Spirit.

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