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Lucia N°03 Pre-Light Session Instructions.

Please Listen to the Audio or Read the Show Notes (paying special attention to the copy between the dots) one day prior to your appointment. Thank You HLS


Hello and Welcome to the HLS podcast. I am your host, Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, metaphysician. This is the fourteenth Episode, and in this episode I will take you through the recommendations of how to get the most out of your Lucia N°03 Light Session.

So HLS is now offering the Lucia N°03 at our Goshen, Indiana location. If you are interested in experiencing a Lucia N°03 Light Session, which I highly recommend, please go to our website to book a session. holisticlifesource.com the Lucia information is under Holistic Services. ( https://holisticlifesource.com/holistic-services/ )

Even though this episode is meant for those who are preparing to experience a Lucia N°03 Light Session, I’m still going to have us start with Setting an Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to gain the proper knowledge to make the most of my light journey.

Good. Ok, now, for those who have booked a session or are thinking of booking a session, here is what you can expect:

1st Please make sure you listen to the recommendations later in this episode, or check the Show Notes. We may also be sending this information in an email to you after receiving your booking.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

Alright, so as you arrive to HLS at your designated time for your Session—
HLS will Welcome You

Your light facilitator will go over this information with you on the day of:

1st an Explanation of Lucia N°03 Light Journey

The causing of and direct influencing of a therapeutically relevant change of consciousness, the opening of an individual portal, also known as Neuropsycholysis.

After that brief description, we will then make sure that you:

1) Hydrate or have Hydrated

2) Signed the Consent Form

3) Help you with your Music Selection and

4) Set your intentions or if you would like to discuss your Intentions, we can do that as well. Or we will just allow you to do so as this is your journey and you only have to share with us what you wish to share.

Then we will have you get in the zero point gravity recliner, choose your position, sitting up or laying back, put your headphones on, which we provide unless you have your own, check the volume of the music, close your eyes, relax and breathe. We will make sure that you are ready and understand that you are in a safe place to have your experience.

We always start with a 2 min. Light Demo —this is the lowest strength and shortest time to make sure you are in a good space for your light journey.

Then, depending on your reaction to the Demo, we will take you into a Light Intro, which is a bit stronger, and a minute longer or you can choose to be at the same level as the Demo. We also have another Intro that is stronger still and is 5 minutes long.

Now by stronger, I mean, that as it has to do with the frequency and intensity of the light. We will remind you that you are Always in control of your journey and able to stop the session by covering your eyes.

Then after a short discussion and depending on your time frame, we will help you choose a longer Light Journey. These journeys can range from 11 minutes to 50 minutes long in various strengths.

We will remind you that you will need a bit of time for the After Glow, no need to talk here, just relax.

We will offer a time for Review if you wish to write things down or discuss with your light facilitator. This is optional.

We will also have techniques for Grounding your body if you need this before going back out into the real world.

We also offer a questionnaire you may fill out and take with you so you can remember your journey. This can be helpful if you wish to see your progress as you continue on your evolution.

The OBJECTIVE to remember is that —

All journeys are individual and each journey is different.
Remember to stay present while on your journey and to keep
your eyes closed, breathe throughout the journey,
Relax the body, and stay present to what the body is feeling.
This is for your benefits, which there are many.

Last thing is to allow yourself to Enjoy the journey &
take in the experience.


Other Recommendations

(not requirements but strongly suggested)

Please come to your session well-rested if possible and hydrated. Come sober: please avoid drinking alcohol at least the night before and day of. Avoid drinking caffeine for at least a few hours before the experience. Avoid eating a heavy meal right before your experience. If possible make some time in your schedule after your experience to enjoy the afterglow. —Please plan to take at least 30 minutes before you return to your car and continue with your day.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

Some more thoughts or reminders if you become a light traveler, or have traveled already:

First of all— remember, and I am going to use 1st Party here so you can create evolution through responsibility communication:

I am powerful! As in Divinely powerful— child of the creator— energy & consciousness that (I) you come from. Keep it all in perspective, & remember who I truly am & what I am here to do.  It is safe for me to face my fears, for I am creating them, therefore I can dis-create them. I am the only one who can rewire them. I may have acquired them as a child when I was too small to face them, but now I am an adult with adult powers. I cannot change the past, but it is now my responsibility to heal my dysfunctional beliefs. Stay in the body, like how does it feel. Stay present. Relax. It can also be helpful to repeat a mantra while under the light, even just a vibration of OM or AUM. Going back to the physical body now — Pay Attention! How does my body feel? How to put my focus on the emotional body is by focusing on the physical body, what is the sensation?

Ok, so those are just some options that you can use while you are under the light or after the light. The main point is to feel what you are feeling and not resist. But again, it’s up to you, this is your life and your decision. You know what is best for you, and you already know your truth.

Alright, so obviously there is no need for a discussion in this pre-session episode. However, if there are any questions or concerns on the Lucia N°03, please feel free to contact HLS at holisticlifesource.com . Thanks for joining in today, and we hope to see you in the light!

Remember to Live in the Body, Master the Mind, and Witness Through Spirit.

Thank You.

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Live in the Body, Master the Mind, Witness through Spirit.