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Teaching Note:
More from Dp. Dp stands for Divine parent. The ideal parent for all!

Hello & Welcome. Lots to cover so let’s get right into it. Starting with Setting Intentions, remember to say it with me, it can be aloud or silently, just as long as you are practicing using this creation tool of creation, this is how to do it, just say this— I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

A quick reminder of Who Dp is, which we covered in HLS episode 004— Dp is a representation of that perfect parent — meaning, the parent that is always in support of you, your dreams, your desires, your accomplishments, your comforts, your truths and your joy. This brings an understanding that Dp has complete belief that you are among the most treasured in all that exists.

We are now going to expand on 3 more Dp Videos…

And again, I am going to do this part in 1st Party. So as you listen to these explanations, please understand that when I say me, I or my, it is meant to help you to begin to rewire this information into your brain to promote self-responsibility, which was explained more thoroughly in the first HLS series. Again, to remind, I am working with you through these teaching notes to build a solid foundation of understanding so when we get into the deeper more complex teachings you will already have the foundation needed to build on. Therefore you will continue to hear the basics in repetition in these early teaching notes because it is necessary so as to rewire your neural nets. Also, what you hear is because of the Law of Attraction, or LOA. LOA is working all the time, so if you hear it again and again, remember, you are attracting it. Why are you attracting it? Take responsibility, this is key to your empowerment. This includes — if you are living it, you are attracting it —so, the reason for 1st party is to help you rewire or recalibrate because as you use 1st party, you can begin to see what you are attracting and then where you are resonating within your truth, and where you are not. Remember, this helps you to gain clarity as well as empowerment. Empowerment, or to be more clear, Self-Empowerment is how you start living the life you wish to live. Ok, so that was just a quick refresher again on HLS empowering exercises. Now let’s begin to break down the meanings of these 3 Dp videos—

The first video we will be expanding on today is the Dp Video number 017— remember I am taking these videos from the HolisticLS instagram video feed which received comments, and a heartfelt thank you to those who took the time to comment very much appreciated— so, video 17

VIDEO 017: (…Love to be) A message from… Dp…
It isn’t about what they say I am. It is about what I believe I am. Define myself by what I love to be.

This video is a message and a reminder that I am what I define myself to be. Others opinions only affect me if I allow them to affect me. If I take into account that other people say things they don’t mean, or say things when they are tired, angry or hurting, I can know that what they are saying to me or at me only affects me if I allow it and then focus on it. Many are also still lost in the survival of the fittest mentality, this mentality plays this part — if I knock you down, I can survive or win or advance, or whatever. This is a life lived without integrity and generally affects the offender after some time, due to LOA. Everyone is playing by the LOA rule— It’s a Law, and not a manmade law but a law of the universe, a Universal Law. The real gain tho is knowing who I really am and the real truth about me. I am a child of the All Loving and accepting Divine parent. Which makes me eternal and I need only live in the truth of who I am everyday. This attitude is a spiritually loving attitude and will show me the best love of all —the love of me, for me. So, choose your actions to begin to redefine who you want to be in the life you are choosing to live.

The second video we are covering today is Video #026 & states:

VIDEO 026: (…Live easy) A message from… Dp…

Why is it that— What I resist, persists? This is true because… As I deny and/or repress my truth, my truth will continue to show up. Therefore, what I resist persists. My truth is all that is,
the way it is, or the way I see it. Stop resisting and give myself the permission to see my truth. This in-turn gives permission for all energy to flow. All is energy and energy must flow. Stop resisting. Live easy.

This message explains that what I resist, or deny, just keeps coming back up. I explain it in my classes like this: It’s like the whac-a-mole game. You know the kids game that has a ground mole pop up from different holes and the player tries to whack it with a spongy mallet? This game can be used as an analogy and explains how life keeps serving up the same experiences and feelings over and over again. So say if I am triggered, meaning more upset than I should be, by something someone says or does, I know that it is something that I have attracted— which really is everything, but to simplify —If something happens often, that triggers a feeling in me that is not something I like, know that I can release this energy vibration— remember, LOA is working all the time. So, I ask myself, literally, “Why did that comment hurt or upset me?” or whatever works here and then listen to my internal response. Again, if I take full responsibility for all I am attracting, I have my power back. Instead of playing victim, I can be in control and learn to release this energy that I am resonating. As I feel through the lower vibrational frequencies, like frustration, irritation, stress, worry, I release them and my vibrations will change. I will not be attracting those lower vibrations and I can begin to live easy.

The third video we are covering today is Video #031 & states:

VIDEO 031: (…send love) A message from… Dp…

Be still and feel. Go within, scan the body. What do I feel? Where do I feel it? Take the time to feel. Feeling is a language. It is the language of the body. (Thinking is the language of the mind.) I communicate with my body by feeling. I focus on the feelings that call out to me. Then send the feeling of love.

Alright, so this message can relate to the Dp Video we just went over, in the way that, I am learning to feel how I feel, not resisting how I feel. When I’m teaching myself to feel I need to stay present, as in the now, like right now, and right now, and right now. As I notice how to feel and what is going on in my body, I know to focus on the feelings that do not feel comfortable. Meaning, if I feel something in my body is tight, hot, strained, tired, heavy, hurting, or however it can be labeled, which is just that, a word for it, a label. I focus on it as long as I need to, to get it to move, meaning the feeling. Energy needs to move. So, I stay in it as long as I can feel it. This is a healing technique. If I deny or repress this feeling, the body has to hold onto this vibration and the energy just doesn’t have the creator’s (or my) permission to move. Remember, Energy needs to move, or flow, like water does. This stagnation or denial of feeling is what can cause illnesses in the body. As I start to learn the language of feelings, I spend time with my body and self-focus. Relax my body, I can command this to happen by saying or thinking, I am relaxed. It is safe for me to relax. Then as I get to a calm and relaxed state I can start to look within while asking my body to show me what is it I need to feel and then allow the feeling to be released by focusing on it. I can also send the highest vibrations, meaning love, to this area in my body. This is another empowering exercise.

So, that’s it for the teaching note. Now, let’s go into a discussion with Christine Marie…

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