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Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, Metaphysician

This is the 8th Episode from HLS and is a personal introduction to who is behind the HLS business and the importance of its existence. 

This episode is hosted by, Dr. Sherrilyn Kirchner, metaphysician and, standing in for Christine is me, Kasey, Dr. K’ daughter. Join us in this special episode as we go back into the past to lay out how and why this metaphysical business and podcast came into being.

Hello and welcome to the HLS origin story. I just want to let you know that due to the special nature of this episode, there isn’t a Teaching Note, but there is a discussion following the how and why of HLS’s existence.


After having around a 5 hour conversation about the HLS podcast with my daughter, a recent college graduate with a degree in English, we came to the conclusion that this would be the perfect month for an origin story. I turn 50 this month and Christine is taking some time off— All is in Divine order— it is truly amazing how things work out when I pay attention, so fantastically that I’m starting to understand why the Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu makes so much sense. (I’ll be talking about the book later, near the end of this episode (TN) and put a link in the Show Notes for you). So, let’s start from the beginning -ish.

Growing Up Lonely, Quiet and Catholic

After getting married, becoming a mother and trying desperately to follow the rules of the good catholic girl, wife and mother, I fell deep into an angry depression. This state of helplessness was my catalyst into the greatest information I could ever hope to find. Originally, I thought this desperation to find the Truth was to save my children, but I soon realized it was to save me, and in turn, this gave me the insight that I could only share with my children, for they would have to save themselves—Not that any of us need saving, it’s more about living fully in the Divine Power of Self.

Growing up, I had gone through the traditional ceremonies, and social expectations of a girl from the American midwest, and through all these expectations, I struggled with most of it because it didn’t make sense to me. This was of course, unconsciously happening. And as these struggles continued to build up, I finally reached my breaking point. Luckily, LOA was working, as it does all the time, and through this Law, I attracted the first steps of my journey, my journey of finding the real truth as I have come to know it. 

First Glimmer— The Secret Revealed

Now, well into my mid-thirties, struggling through everyday, trying to do what was right, I lost it. I was sitting in my SUV in a bookstore parking lot, sobbing. I felt lost, but also caged. What am I supposed to do? What do you expect of me? I begged to know the truth! Hoping that the Divine Creator who I believed was in charge of my life path, would answer me. 

Thankfully, the answer came. A friend had recently introduced me to a multi-level marketing skincare line and even though that wasn’t the end reason LOA had worked, it definitely helped me start the climb out of the dark hole of my angry depression that I now know was filled with conflicting beliefs and lies. It was the breakthrough I needed to begin to see a glimmer of light, the light of truth.

In St. Louis for the skincare conference, a friend of my friend, she was actually part of our up-line in the MLM, shared a movie with me that gave me the first look at truth, the truth I had been desperate for and the truth that would set me on my path to my freedom. It was after a long day at the conference and dinner and probably drinks, and we went back to the room to watch the movie. We both got ready for bed and started the movie. It grabbed my attention from the beginning and kept it til the end. I couldn’t even believe that my friend had fallen asleep! I was so wired after the exposure to this crazy possibility. My mind scrambling to put it all together, I hardly slept.

Understanding & Using LOA! 

The movie was The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. I know now, that this book, for some reason has gotten a bad rap, by some, but it’s really because there is much more to it —for most of us. Anyway, this was my focus for months afterwards. I got the movie, and the book and the audiobook and just kept working it into my life the best I could. I started paying attention to what I said, and then the way others talked. This obsession was starting my brain rewire, which again, I didn’t know anything about. The science just kept happening and I would notice little things working here and there, but still wasn’t getting the big manifestations to happen. I was obsessed with this new truth, regardless.

Attracting More & More!

As I spent hours, days, to many months listening and working on mastering this law, I attracted other writings and audios in this genre. With awareness and the practice of staying present, I continued to attract better experiences with my friends and family. Not all of them, but many of them— I at least noticed that I had some power. I even attracted free stuff! I will admit that I was frustrated with this law though much of the time because I couldn’t seem to get it to work all the time. I of course didn’t realize the intricacies of this fantastic Universal Law, so still I found that I had some work, or rewiring to do.

In keeping with my acute awareness as I practiced listening to others and my desire to share this new found truth, I decided to put together a notebook, the I Am Notebook which turns out is more like a controlled writing meditation. Creating this notebook was my next step into the purpose of my new now, the now where I understand what I really am here to do. Yes, I feel like it is a destiny, but also is a choice. Again, I still believe in free-will and that it is a Divine right of every human— Choice plays a key role.

After finishing the notebook, which I was so proud of, just like any personal creation that has heart and soul in it, I ordered the printing for 1,000 copies of each version, the original and the teen ( I Am Teenager Notebook ), I was so sure others would gobble up these notebooks fast. Soon I realized, my attempts to market it were failing. This was one of my major struggles which still lingers in the outskirts of my programming in my brain. Marketing continues to be a role I prefer to avoid. This spurred me on though because my logic told me that, it really didn’t make sense to the world that a graphic designer, which is what I was doing career-wise at the time, would have known how to put a writing meditation together and so I decided it was best that I find a school to obtain a degree or certification in this new field— Just so the world would feel better about buying my notebook. Little did I know that what I was attracting, because I literally went online and expected LOA to work its magic again for me, and while I stared at my laptop, I said aloud “show me what I need to know to get me where I want to go.” Also throwing into this intention a detail I had learned from the plant-based skincare education that holistic was the way to go, so I typed in Holistic Coaching Certification, or something close to that. Anyway, of course one stood out to me, so I called and was on the phone with the lady in charge of enrollment for like 3 hours. This is back in 2011, so, that is what my memory is telling me. But I do remember knowing that this was the right school for me! I was already learning to listen to my true self. I signed up.

My True Purpose — HLC

Going in deep to this amazing self-work, was not at all what I expected. But it was what I needed to get me where I wanted to go — allowing for some gratitude here, Thank You to all who guide me, including me. Anyway this was a real overhaul. HLC, or Holistic Learning Center, is based in New Jersey, but all was online, and I could work at my own pace. It was perfect! I soon found out that fear and anger were my new friends. Yes, surprising I know, but every time one came up, I needed to face it, feel it, and release it. This was the most amazing program I had found as of yet. It helped me begin to see the map to my future, and as I learned to stay present, it provided me with exactly what I needed to heal, and rewire, which had been old recordings of my emotional traumas and conflicting beliefs from my past. This internal work helped me find the way out of the web of lies I had allowed into my beliefs. As I started clearing out the old dysfunctional beliefs, or programming, call it what you will, I started gaining confidence and clarity of who I truly am, an adult with powers. Wow! I had never felt much like an adult, little lone an adult that could call the shots. Yes, I call my own shots, mostly, still compromise with the family to some degree, but at least I am now clear on where my boundaries are, and if I am really ok with what I am involved in —or not.

This took years of work, real hard work. It was worth every release though, even if the release was a physical one, which mostly they were. I hadn’t realized the state I was in, I mean that I didn’t know that I was in a state of an angry depression, which is a conflicting situation in itself. It was something I realized after doing some work. It was really difficult at first to get down deep into it, and I still have work to do, of course. I don’t believe I would be here if I didn’t have this work to do. I expect that I will probably have to continue it for a long time to come, maybe even forever, I haven’t worked that part out yet. But I got what I needed from the school and received my certifications. 

TFU to PhD

Apparently, my ego wanted more, so I continued my education with TFU, Thomas Francis University, also an online school. This is a metaphysical school. TFU fell right inline with LOA and set me in what I thought was probably my ego-based direction. I felt now, I needed to obtain my PhD, and enrolled in their doctoral degree program. I soon found out, of course, that this was really another great asset to opening up my limiting belief systems, and ended up gaining more great information that would move me closer to my true self.

Advanced Workshops & Other Writings —Continuing to Unveil Limiting Beliefs 

After completing my degree at TFU, I still hungered for more. This can become an addiction, but as I implement, not just enlighten, I continue to break through any barriers that may still exist in the subconscious of my programing. I watch informational documentaries on Gaia tv, attend advanced workshops & seminars and continue to find writings and videos on things that bust through my limiting beliefs. This information is so extraordinary I now understand that there are no limits. So much is possible that my old paradigm could never have handled what I now consider to be the ultimate truth, the truth in the possibilities of every human being. 

HLS & Podcasting 

Setting up HLS, was a self-imposed struggle, but obviously it worked out, because it is here, existing. It took many years of work to set it up to my liking, and will probably continue to evolve as do all good things. The Podcast endeavor fell right into place though. Although it took awhile for me to hear it calling, which I would call Divine timing. Before podcasting worked its way into HLS, I had designed Dp (Divine Parent) and the Dp video series which can be found on HLS website and the social media that supports video formats. Dp and what Dp represents is fully explained in HLS Episode 004 & 005. This series was in an effort to share the knowledge I had obtained through my constant education and understanding of all that we control in our creation process. HLS Books are in the works, as well as Workbooks, and audio meditations. I of course am planning to continue my enlightenment because I committed to do just that under my HLS promise to my students. Implementing the enlightenment is what I refer to as empowerment and have heard others call turning knowledge into wisdom. It’s the putting what is learned into practice. This can be where many get stuck. This is why HLS exists. HLS is here as a willing guide to offer up new perspectives, and provide proven techniques to all who search for truth, healing and personal power.

All this information isn’t new, in fact it is just coming back up into our human consciousness, some say to save humankind. I don’t have all the answers, but I will be on the look out for all that resonates with the truth as I have come to understand it. I would like to share with you one of the oldest of the writings that I have found, as I am sure many of those who are searching for truth have also found, the writing Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu. This is one of the most peaceful ways to achieve all that I wish to become with an ease that I hope to master sooner than later, of course. It does feel easy yet conflicts with my current automatic programming. This is still the start of it all for me, but it only feels like the start, because is there really a middle and an end? I don’t see that as a possibility after learning all that I have in these past years.

The End of the Start of My Journey to Truth & Freedom! 

The end of these first steps of this journey has exposed me to a truth I had never even dreamed possible. Even back in those dark ages I knew there was something not right and that is why I struggled with what I was hearing from all that had been passed on to me and was just accepted by those around me. Luckily, not that I believe in luck, but what I am saying is, thanks to my angry depression and desperation for truth, I was strong enough and stubborn enough to make my way back to the light of the Divine Truth. And as so many of our great teachers from the past tell us, we will never be lonely or lost again as long as we look within. The clarity of this truth had me realize my power is already in my hands, I have been creating my life all along. Take control by breaking through the old limiting beliefs and lets create a life worth living by setting daily intentions to live in the energies of joy, peace and love.


Discussion… (with Kasey)


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