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Teaching Note: Healing The Emotional Body

Teaching Note 010

Welcome. Thanks for joining us today. Let’s Start with Setting our Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

Again, I feel this TN will be more effective if I teach it using 1st party, where I can, but due to the content, I’ll be switching back and forth a bit. Just remember that you do the same where you can. & If this is your first HLS podcast episode, just understand that 1st party is used to create a feeling and understanding of personal responsibility. The words used for 1st party language are me, I & my. Remember to use this exercise where appropriate due to the powerful benefit.

What is My Emotional Body?

Ok, so the emotional body is the body of emotions. Emotions are the way I feel about experiences in my daily life. Just like everything else, emotions, or feelings, are energies that vibrate, each with it’s signature frequency. The frequency of the emotion lets me know which experiences are in harmony with my true-self. This is about feeling the feelings that will let me hear the truth about what is best for me, and what is not. My emotional body feels the feelings that are meant to be felt and released, because all energy is meant to move, or flow. If my feelings aren’t felt, they can be stored in my physical body until I feel it is safe for me to feel and release them. Some of these feelings felt by the emotional body can be labeled as fear, rage, anger, sadness, frustration, shame, embarrassment, jealousy, disappointment, excitement, joy, and love.

Emotions are different than thoughts, but thoughts do create emotions. Emotions are felt and experienced throughout the body. Just think of when someone scares you, you may feel it all over the body. Or if something smells foul you may feel a feeling in your throat or your stomach. Noticing where the feeling is located in the body is a key piece to learning how to feel and release.

Repressing and Denying My Feelings

Ok, so why did I repressed and or deny the feelings I felt during an experience I had at any given time? Mainly because I was taught to repress and deny these feelings. If I experienced something that upset me and I started to cry, I was mostly likely told to stop crying. Or if I was scared, I was told there is nothing to be scared of, and on and on. This may be a common experience for many. As I began to understand that releasing my feelings upset the family system, I learned to repress and deny my feelings as a means of self-preservation. Self-preservation techniques have to be learned if living in a household that didn’t respond well to emotional outbursts.

A personal example, so I was a highly sensitive child, and was overwhelmed with many feelings that I didn’t understand & how I was being affected by these feelings that others didn’t seem to have to endure. I felt like I was constantly protecting myself by trying not to express these feelings in front of others, but I was unsuccessful much of the time. So let’s say I started to hide away to be able to release my sadness or frustration. Often I was found hiding, this created a feeling of exhaustion from the other family members, which would creep into my emotional body then as well. Which would then create another feeling in my emotional body, a feeling of hate for myself for having any emotions. Of course, at the time, neither I nor my family could understand why I was so emotional. So repression and denial went on for many years. These repressed feelings began to add up.

How Can I Safely Express My Feelings?

Remember, feelings aren’t right, wrong, good or bad, they are just how I feel. It is important to feel through them so I can experience a healthy life. There are easy emotional exercises that can be taught when you are ready to do the self-mastery work, but for now, just know that when you have a feeling, allow it to be felt. Now, here is my disclaimer: I’m not saying that it is ok to express every feeling you have at everyone around you, it is important to express them in a safe manner and without regrets.

To do this we must go into the workings of the ego-mind. Ok, so let’s take a quick look at the ego-mind and the role it plays in our lives. The ego-mind was designed to protect me from the things I could not handle. For example: if when I was 5 yrs-old and was at the grocery with my dad, and I decided that I wanted some gum, but dad said “no” I would get mad that I couldn’t have the gum, and i felt like crying. Now, the ego-mind knows that if I cry because I cant have the gum, I could get hurt, so I repress or deny the tears, and just stay quiet. Now this feeling, or frequency of energy, is tucked away and the body just stores that feeling. This happens for all those times I experience an emotion but didn’t let it out, I stopped the flow of energy. This can create disease in the body.

OK, so now, remember that the ego-mind doesn’t know what is real and what is not real. Therefore, I can choose to think of many different things that will cause my body to react, even if there is nothing real to react to, it is just a thought. Virtual reality is an example of this. It’s all due to what my mind is thinking, or visualizing. So lets say I am thinking about chewing on a lemon, my mouth will salivate, but I’m not really chewing on a lemon. This is an example of how my thoughts can create my physical reality. Therefore I can think thoughts that can clear out those old feelings. So, by bringing up my past experiences to feel how I felt when I was 5, I can find the feeling I had and then feel through by actually crying. Now I have released that feeling. Another helpful hint to know is that it can also help to write out or talk out the experience as I go through this process of release. As I talk about or write about the incidents, and I feel like crying or any other cathartic release, I don’t hold back this time. The key here is to set the intention to release the feeling completely.

Taking Responsibility for My Feelings?

There is an epidemic of individuals blaming others for the way they feel. This has to be rewired. First of all, all that is showing up in my life is because of what I am vibrating out. There is no other way to look at it, it is Law. The Universal Law of Vibration. ((And of course you can) refer to HLS episode 6 & 7 for more on this law)). Therefore, if I am experiencing it, I have that vibration within myself. The only way to stop experiencing it is to feel through it to release it. If we can use the analogy that when I take full responsibility for all I am attracting, the ball is always in my court. I am in charge of all that happens in my life.

Ok, so now lets look at my thoughts. Every thought creates a feeling. Who is in charge of what I am thinking? I am. Therefore, I am creating my feelings. Staying aware of the triggers that I encounter throughout the day by using my frontal cortex, which is the part of my brain that I use when I choose what to pay attention to, helps me to stay in my experience and how I feel about each one. This helps me to understand how important it is to pay attention to how I feel now! I ask myself many times a day “How do I feel about that? Where do I feel it? What does it feel like? Can I really zero in on that feeling?” Then I just allow myself to feel, I do not analyze. I just feel.

Time For Change

Again, I would like to stress empirical data. What resonates with you? Looking around, I realize the amount of time one spends focusing on ones own physical body and all that that entails, which can be a lot. Meaning the physical body is a demanding energy, especially if one is living in a civilized society. This distraction can influence how one feels about the body in which one is experiencing life, but now it is important to switch my attention, my focus, to my emotional body because it affects the physical body. To release the vibrations that have been tucked away for so long is the road to true healing. This is no easy task, but by setting intentions and the will to do the work, it is the path to a freedom that is worth every release.

…That’s it for the TN, now Let’s go into discussion with Kasey.

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