Rewire To Empower: Protecting My Boundaries —009

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Teaching Note: Protecting My Boundaries in the Real & Digital World

Teaching Note 009

Hello & Welcome. Thanks for joining us, this is HLS episode 9. Let’s Start with Setting Intention — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

I feel this Teaching Note will be more effective if I speak it in 1st party, so again, that is what I am going to do, mostly. Just remember that you do the same, it is me, I & my language. This is a great benefit for each of us to do because it gives us self-responsibility which is our power within. Note: I will be using 2nd party language while speaking to you, like I am doing here. Ok, let’s begin.

Introduction to Boundary Violations 

Let’s start with a brief description of Boundary violations. I say brief description because it is incredibly brief. If you wish to learn more about boundary violations, feel free to enroll in HLS’s Relationship Mastery Course or Session work (Note: that there are pre-requisites). So for this episode, lets talk about 2 different types of boundary violations. Physical Boundary Violations: which are violations to the physical body— and Emotional Boundary Violations: which are essentially anything that is not a physical violation. 

In this episode we will be focusing mainly on Emotional Boundary Violations, but this Teaching Note can be applied to Physical Boundary Violations as well. 

How Do I Know If A Boundary Violation Happened? 

So first let’s look at my programming. After learning that I live by the Universal Laws ( Refer to HLS episode 006 & 007 for more on Universal Laws ), I now know that everything going on in my life is regulated by LOA, Law Of Attraction, and creates co-creations, which means I have control of what happens to me by way of what I am vibrating out. So, if I am not experiencing my life the way I want, I just need to see where my programming is faulty, and then rewire or re-write the program. This changes my vibrational output in my life. To find the faulty programing, I need to search through my files, my internal programming, I do this by asking myself: Do I feel safe in the world? Do I feel like I can go anywhere, do anything, and be all that I want to be? As I ask myself these questions, I listen to my answers and notice how I feel. If I feel like these are impossible for me to answer yes to, I need to look for my unconscious programming that stops my answer from being a resounding— Yes! I can also look at my past experiences to help me find this programming— What has happened in my life that upsets me? How often do my experiences upset me?

To know when my boundaries have been violated, all I have to do is look within and notice how I am feeling— Does what just happened, upset me in any way? If it does, then this would qualify as a possible boundary violation. 

Why Do I Experience Boundary Violations?

I not only inherited my parents fears and limiting belief systems, I continue to attract others fears and limiting beliefs systems. This is because I do not live in the world all by myself. I live here with many people and am involved in many relationships. As I live my life with others, physically and virtually, I am exposed to others thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This sometimes exposes me to a number of many negative comments, feelings and beliefs. If I allow it, I am exposed much of my day. Therefore, I need to stay on alert to make sure I am only allowing that which I want to manifest into my life. Living in this world as I do, it is unavoidable while I am vibrating lower vibrations. Meaning, if I haven’t cleared a fear or limiting belief, whether or not I am aware of it, I will continue to attract it. As I work to rewire, by focusing on what I want along with releasing any feeling that comes to the surface, I must stay on high alert. If I am exposed to something negative that happened to someone else I immediately clear it rather than get all emotional about it. Emotion is fuel for creation, and the more intense I feel about something I don’t want, the more focus I put on it which initiates LOA and creates a pull on it into my reality. 

It’s very easy to get caught up in the drama of others. It is an addiction of the mind, the ego-mind, and this doesn’t serve me. I can learn to not allow it in to my creations, my reality. I am in charge of what I choose to think. I have Free Will to do just that. When I notice something, I first acknowledge if I want it in my life or not, then I choose to either put energy into it to create it or clear it so that I don’t attract it.

Living Free of Others Motivations!

Who owns my life? I do! What do I want to experience? As I understand and come to a belief that my life is my creation, I begin to see the power within me to make all that I want manifest in my reality. I also see how all that I don’t want to manifest will keep its distance. This creates freedom because I don’t have to live in fear or worry anymore. My belief is solid as I stand in a place of true power and freedom to experience life as I want to experience it.

Let’s recall the power of the Universal Laws. As for these Universal Laws, no one else around me can change the Laws to work over me. The power is within the Law itself. The 3 absolute laws cannot be changed or finagled, and the 4 mutable laws can only be mastered by me as I learn how to work with them. Therefore, no one around me has power over me unless I allow them to have power over me. This is why we set intentions at the beginning of every episode. It is a power exercise to create what I want to allow into my experience. I have all the power because I am from the power. There is no other way to see it. This is Truth.

Thought to Feeling Safe 

Thought is the key to all beliefs, and beliefs is what creates my reality. Yes, this is true— also. I am creating my own personal reality by what I believe is true for me. So if my life isn’t what I want it to be, meaning that I don’t like my experiences, I need to change my beliefs. I do this by first changing my thoughts. Thoughts create feelings. So, as I think about things (or talk about things) I practice noticing how I feel. I notice where the feeling is in my body. This is an action exercise. Just like any other exercise, I must practice it to perfect it. I notice how I feel if I do not like something, or find it upsetting. Then I can move on to feeling through it to release it so that I don’t keep bringing it into my life. This process works because the body is the subconscious mind (see Dr. Candace Pert’s book: Molecules of Emotion). My body holds on to the energies that I have not released, vibrations. Everything has a signature vibration. Therefore any trauma I could not process at the time it happened, was “filed” away somewhere in my body. Feeling and releasing these feelings is part of the journey toward empowerment and safety. If I just say I believe that I am safe, but don’t feel it is true, then it is not true for me. I have to truly believe it for it to be true in my experience. 

Truth in Communication 

The next step is to communicate with my true-self, or higher-self, to begin to take charge of my life. My true-self is behind the power of manifestation. My true-self is in constant connection to the powers that be. My ego-mind, however is not behind the power of manifestation. Even though it is in connection to source power— bc all is in connection,  separation is only an illusion— it is more so linked to my programming. The programming that is filled with contradictions and lies; As well as repressions & denials due to traumas, with the biggest of my untruths being that I don’t have power. Communication can be a giant hurdle when it comes to allowing truth to be revealed. The ego-mind was designed to keep the truth from me in hopes to protect me, but this limits my life. I must use the programming from the traumas and lies to find and accept the truth so that I can master the ego. This task takes time and effort, but it is an important step to finding out what is really running my life. Be Honest here!!! 

Rewired: I Am Always Safe

I see now that I must be honest with myself and if I want to live my life my way, I am the only one who can define and protect my boundaries. I also understand now that my power is within me. This is a new rewire for most people. Anytime I start something new, even just a new thought, I know that it will take time to cultivate it into a strong belief. There are many tools that I can use to help me create a truth in my life. A tool that can help me with this process is setting intentions. Another is listening to my body to show me where I am out of harmony with my higher-self, my true-self. For example, I can ask myself, What am I feeling? Why am I feeling this way? Once I realize it is my fear, and not something that happened to someone else— or I am projecting, which is feeling the way I think someone else is feeling, I am allowing myself to feel through the fear of what happened or the what if something happens —I must face my fears to release them. When I am truly resonating a belief that I am safe, then I can live my life exactly the way I want.

Committing To My Rewire

Ok, so now I have some information on why and how to rewire, as I work to protect my boundaries. As I commit to doing my Self-Mastery work, my unwanted beliefs that were hidden from me initially, are now under close review through my constant awareness and feeling practices. I am attracting new experiences by changing my vibrations and creating my empowerment. I know my life can be all that I dream it to be for there are no limits. I pledge to continue on my journey through enlightenment to empowerment. I’m here to live my life that I love to live.

Now let’s go onto discussion with my daughter Kasey…

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