Universal Laws: Teaching Note —006

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Teaching Note:
Universal Laws: Immutable and Mutable.

Hello & Welcome to episode 6. In this HLS, 2 part series, we are changing it up a bit. The format will be the teaching note in this episode and the discussion in the next episode. We are covering the Universal Laws in both, but due to the topic and length of the teaching note, we felt this might work better for this series.

Let’s Start with Setting Intentions — (remember to say this with me) “I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.”

Okay, I will not be covering all the research that I have done because it is all very complex and a bit tricky to explain. So, I am just giving you a sampling, or introduction of some of the Universal Laws. I am working to give you a quick, hopefully easy-to-understand explanation of the Universal Laws and thoughts on how to integrate them into your life to benefit you. Please feel free to see the links offered to you in the Show Notes on our website as to where I researched this information, and know that it is up to you, because you have free will, to do your own research and come up with a personal interpretation of these ancient teachings if you so wish it. As for this episode, I feel it is best to focus on a combination of what I have found via the many writings as well as what I have put into practice in my life.

As I said before, there are multiple writings on Universal Laws, but even with the many writings that I have read, I find there is more overlap than there is conflict. As for all the Universal Laws, remember that they are in effect whether you know about them and understand them or not. The Laws work all the time, forever. There are ways to transcend some of these laws, to some degree, but this is only when you have done the mastery work yourself. As for the true power of manifestation, mastery of one’s thoughts to the highest degree is what I believe to be the key to true freedom. This for me is the goal of my studies not just learning but implementing, which is known as the Law of Use— which is just that, the using of the knowledge of the laws.

Alright then, let’s get to it. Quick note here, I will be using 1st party to help you remember to do that as well. We are going to start with the difference between Immutable and Mutable Universal Laws. Just to clarify, immutable means there is no way of getting around this law, it works constantly and without discrimination— it is absolute. Mutable Universal Laws however, can be transcended. These mutable laws continue to work, but once these are mastered, it is possible to use a law to rise above a law. These Laws need to be understood, and practiced to the point of mastery, to transcend. So this episode is just to enlighten you on these laws— only you can do the practice. Meaning the practice of the understanding of these Laws and how to use Law to overcome Law, while working with the mutable laws of course.

Starting with the Immutable Universal Laws, again, meaning that there is no transcending these immutable laws. These laws are absolute.

The 1st one is— Law of Mentalism, and is basically this— All is Mind. When I say mind, I don’t mean ego-mind which is on a lower plane of consciousness, yet because all is within the One Mind, the ego-mind is in the All of the One Mind. This is possibly quite complicated, so how I will state it is— there is nothing that is not part of the One Mind. (I am calling it the One Mind, for clarity, but it really is just Mind). The Law of Mentalism is— all that we, as humans can know and all that we do not know and may or may not receive is within the All of the One Mind.

  • To use this Law to benefit my life. I recommend bringing thought into the forefront —for thought is what can change lives. Start here. What am I thinking about? Learn to listen to my thoughts. Gain clarity by allowing truth to shine through. As I listen to my thoughts, and how I feel about my thoughts, I notice where I go astray. This work takes time. Remember, we have the ego-mind lies and fears that have been programmed along the way. Which programs belong to me, and work? And which programs do I need to discard? This can even go into epigenetics.* (see Show Notes) This will take some practice because the ego-mind has control due to fear programming.

The second immutable law is the Law of Correspondence. This law is that all is connected. There is no separation — we are all one. “As above, so below and as below, so above.”

  • To use this Law to benefit my life. This can be comforting. To know that I am never alone, I am a part of the All, forever and always.

The third immutable law is the Law of Vibration. This law states that all is in motion all the time. There is no rest, everything moves including the One Mind where the All is. This Law holds in it the Law of Attraction or as we call it here, LOA.

  • Using the knowledge of this Law to benefit my life— This law helps me to understand that all is already in the ether and will come into matter as I call it into manifestation. As I understand that all is available due to the mentalism and I am the creator of my life, via thought.

Now lets go into the mutable laws. These laws can be transcended.

Law of Polarity is mutable and can be transcended once mastered. The Law of Polarity is basically this— all is dual, meaning everything has its opposite or has residence at either end of a spectrum. For example, temperature has hot and cold, but it is still temperature— this is within the same vibration but at varying degrees of its frequency. Another is love and hate, again within the same vibration but at opposite ends of the spectrum. Polarity is to have opposites identical in nature but different in degree.

  • Using the knowledge of this Law to benefit my life— is to put my focus on the side of the sliding scale I want to manifest in my life, while knowing that this is a mental activity by which I can transcend to the higher vibration via focus and desire along with free will. This ability has to do with my perspective of where I am and where I wish to be in respect to the vibrations present on whatever topic on which I am resonating.

Law of Rhythm is also mutable. The Law of Rhythm is like the swing of a pendulum. Back and forth—from one end to the opposite. This natural law can help to explain the ups and downs and back and forth in all things.

  • Using the knowledge of this Law to benefit my life— As I see the pendulum swing back and forth, I allow it without resistance. The allowing of this helps me to live easy. I can pull myself above it using the power of mentalism and vibration, just like I feel I can transcend the law of polarity. I just observe, & I know that all will be back to good or easy or whatever the case may be. Sometimes I am able to see the benefits in the swing, and sometimes not, but not to hold too hard to it and just allow it to swing.

Law of Cause & Effect, is mutable as well. The Law of Cause & Effect is also know as Law of Karma, and Law of Sowing and Reaping. So, to explain this Law in a quick way, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Understand that this is law and there is no such thing as luck and chance. Know that as I do and say what I do and say, I will get this back in equal exchange.

  • Using the knowledge of this Law to benefit my life— I stop playing victim. Most times this is hidden from me. My practice is to stop and see it by observing my truth. If I believe that someone is causing my life to be a certain way, this is me letting the law rule my life. However, if I take control of my life, by seeing the truth, and change what I put out, as in higher vibrations of compassion and love and acceptance, I am using this Law to work for me.

Law of Gender is also under the mutable laws. This law states that all have a male and female side. Note this is not about sex as in man & woman. This law has to do with the dual relationship of all things that exist on all planes including quantum or subatomic, matter and mind. The mind aspect can be seen as conscious mind being male and subconscious mind being female. We can look at this law as positive and negative, positive being male and negative being female but we need to make sure terminology is explained here. The positive and negative has to do with creation —such as negative and positive electrons creating an atom. Negative as the mother pole and the positive being the father pole. These create unions that result in light, heat, electricity, attraction and repulsion, as well as chemical affinity etc. Both male and female are always present in every form. This law can also be transcended.

  • Using the knowledge of this Law to benefit my life— As I understand it, in our human bodies, the left side of the body represents the female elements such as nurturing, receiving and loving. While the right side of the body represents the male elements such as action, giving and self-interest. Notice where the body is feeling strain. To get back into harmony is a great way to balance my energy. This can also be seen as the yin and yang as well as knowing when to say “no” and when to say “yes” to that which is put before me. Being honest with myself and knowing my truth will help me keep this in harmony and balance.

I have an understanding that all laws work together, and in cooperation with each other as they govern the All.

There are many other Laws that are not among the 7 Universal Laws. How these relate could be a subset in some form but I do not have the connection as of yet. I am only offering up some that I use regularly. To touch on a few of these laws can be helpful as we go through our daily challenges. So, I’d like to share with you what I know about these laws, just to introduce some of them to you with a brief description:

  • Law of Abundance: There is an abundance of everything for all.
  • Law of Detachment: To detach from the outcome, which is more or less about having the faith that what I ask for will come to pass. (To detach is a great skill to achieve)
  • Law of Materialization: Be, Do, Have.
  • Law of Least Effort: Acceptance of all, coupled with Self-Responsibility.
  • Law of Compensation: For every loss is a gain, for every gain is a loss. (balance)
  • Law of Physics: No 2 objects can occupy the same space at the same time.
  • Law of Healing: First, nothing changes until it becomes what it is…Love. Second, no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time; therefore I am either resonating Love or Fear. And third, my beliefs create my reality. 
  • Law of Germination: To wisely sacrifice short-term gain for long term success.
  • Law of Gravity: Gravity is the force that attracts two bodies toward each other. 


Then, I would like to add a note here for you: To have your Word become Law— always tell your truth. Do not tell a truth that will hurt, but do not say what you believe is an untruth. This includes promises kept— So, be conscious of what you are committing to and be sure that you are willing to follow through. This can take some practice, but it is also a great skill to acquire.

So, that’s it for the teaching note.

Alright, that is a lot of information to take in, especially if it is all new to you. Just know that you are where you are meant to be, so please just allow that which you are ready to comprehend while implementing to the best of your abilities is a great start. It is a never ending expansion, as far as I have found to be true in all my research thus far.

To end this episode, I would like to offer this as well— Be honest and gentle with yourself, this will get you far as well. Relax and enjoy the journey as best you can. If you find it overwhelming, either take a break or start with just one law and implement it to the best of your abilities and know that as you go, all gets easier and makes more sense. I have found that most of what I have learned has given me a sense of peace and comfort as well as a feeling of security —by knowing that I can achieve freedom through self-mastery by just starting with my thoughts.

Thank you for joining HLS.

Live in the Body, Master the Mind, Witness through Spirit.

Note: Due to scheduling conflicts and other responsibilities we apologize for the delay on the discussion of episode 007. We will publish as soon as possible.

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