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Teaching Note:
Dp stands for Divine parent. The ideal parent for all!

Welcome! Thanks for joining us. So glad you’re here. Let’s get right into it.

We start here with Setting Intentions, this is for you to remember and say with me — I am allowing myself to hear what it is I need to hear to begin to create my life the way I want to experience it.

Ok, so this teaching note is more of an explanation to why Dp exists. Dp stands for Divine parent. Dp was designed to create a virtual soft place to fall as in a comforting way so that each and everyone that takes in the messages and/or reminders that are offered up by this all loving and all accepting icon, feel a comfort that all is well or will soon be.

So many of us humans have created a difficult existence by trying to… keep up with the quote unquote Joneses— as well as follow all the rules and dogmas lead by a mass of authorities, which, of course can be contradictory. When trying to play the part that others expect, it tends to create an inner-chaos that can be just too overwhelming for an individual to try to follow when in reality each is in existence to unveil his or her own truth.

Dp is a representation of that perfect parent — meaning, the parent that is always in support of you, your dreams, your desires, your accomplishments, your comforts, your truths and your joy. Therefore, Dp is not only your cheerleader, but has complete and utter belief that you are among the most treasured in all that exists.

Dp already accepts you and it matters not your actions or behaviors. There is nothing you need to do to win Dp’s approval bc Dp loves you and wants you to know that there is nothing you need to do or say to bask in this un-limiting love.

You have always had the love from your Divine parent and this love can never be taken from you. You need only to accept it and understand that it is yours and will always belong to you, for that love is the source of you.

Ok, so that is why HLS created Dp. Now let’s look at the first 5 videos of Dp’s messages & reminders to explain them more thoroughly  — (Just note that I am only working with the videos of Dp, and I am using Instagram as my source, but you can see the videos on other social media, just visit our website for those links)

Alright, so, I am going to do this part in 1st Party. So as you listen to these explanations, please understand that when I say me, I or my, it is meant to help you to begin to rewire this information into your brain to promote self-responsibility, which was explained more thoroughly in the first HLS series. But a recap—The reason for 1st party is to help you rewire or recalibrate because as you use 1st party, you can begin to see where you are not resonating with your truth. This will help you to gain clarity as well as empowerment. Ok, so that was just a quick refresher on that 1st party technique. Now let’s begin with breaking down the meanings of these videos—

The first video, & just to note that this the black screen in the instagram video feed labeled 01 and states—

VIDEO 01: Getting acquainted with Dp. Dp always listens to me. Dp’s love accepts me as I am. Dp loves me unconditionally.

This is the video introduction to Dp and explains that Dp is always focused on me, & Dp knows my truth and all I think and all I feel, and has always and will always & forever, love and accept me without conditions. Meaning that it does not matter what I think, what I say, what I do, how much I make, how well I play my roles, how tall I am how short I am, how old I am, how young I am, how smart I am, and so on. It means that no matter what, I always have Dp’s love and acceptance— always.

Alright, the second message states:


VIDEO 02: (…is love) A message from… Dp…

Dp is love. Dp’s love resides in me. Love is my highest vibrational frequency.

This message explains that Dp is the source of love, and because I am from this source, I am truly love. Love, meaning the unconditional love that we just went over in the previous explanation, is the highest of all vibrations. Again, a quick reminder that everything is energy, and all vibrates at different frequencies to create different things, thoughts, feelings, colors, sounds, etc. Again, look to the 1st HLS series for more explanation on energy.

The third video is a reminder & states:


VIDEO 03: (…Feel Good & Love Self) A reminder from… Dp…

Take a moment to get my vibrational frequencies back up to LOVE levels.

I attract what I am… Feel Good and Love Self. ™

This reminder explains that I am from the source, which again is love. Love is the highest vibrational frequency. And remember, LOA (Law of Attraction, again covered in the previous series) is like vibrations attracting to like vibrations.

As I think love, and thinking is a key factor here, I feel love. Make sure to focus on love, not the lack of love. The goal is to uncover the Love in Self, mySelf. This can get a bit complicated, but as I listen and allow the information to sink in, I allow an understanding that is very important— Self-love comes first, as LOA plays its part here.

The fourth video reminder states:


VIDEO 04: (…I am always connected) A reminder from… Dp…

Even if it seems like Dp has left me, I am never alone.

Know this… I am connected to the all, the Divine Energy. I am always connected.

This reminder explains that if I feel like I am alone, I am never alone. I am always connected to Dp and all that is offered by this source, the source that I am a part of and will always be a part of. There is no way I can not be a part of this great love, I am  forever and always a part of the all.

In the fifth video, Dp offers this reminder:


VIDEO 05: (…is always listening) A reminder from… Dp…

Dp  is listening to my thoughts… all of them!

Remember, Dp is non-judgmental. From that point of view, there are no “rights & wrongs, goods & bads” only movements of energy & information.

To manifest my desires I must master my mind by thinking only the thoughts that will manifest what I want.
(NOTE: Is what I am talking about something that I want to create? If not, then I stop talking about it.)

An analogy— The mind is the Dog… train the Dog. The Dog does not exist to control you, it exists to protect you.

Ok, this one may feel a bit complex. Feel free to listen to this one multiple times.

The top part explains that Dp is consciousness or universal mind. Again, remember that I am connected to this mind, bc I am part of Dp and Dp is a part of me. So, Dp is the All loving and accepting universal mind. This mind is the source of my creative power. I feel I need to give an example here, so—

Let’s say I have 5 bags of different colored sand. I can do whatever I want with this sand. I can mix it all up in one big bag, or I can layer the different colors in a clear glass bottle or I can cut off a corner of each bag and draw pictures with this sand, or I can just look at the bags of sand, or get rid of the sand or just leave it be. This is all up to me. I can do whatever I want with this sand, it matters not to the universal mind, it is just offered up from the universal mind. I own the power of thought, my thought is what creates my decision for what I want to do with this sand. This also states that there is no right or wrong choice —it is completely my choice. So, what do I want to create with this sand? Or do I wish to create nothing?

This video is explaining that it is up to me to create what I want to create, and it starts with thought. The universal mind is observing not judging, this all loving and accepting mind is just that, all loving and accepting. To understand that it is only my program that is the one judging. This is in the analogy that is explained. Meaning that the programing is the dog.

So, that’s it for the teaching note. Dp is always available to you, please feel free to lean on this loving energy whenever you feel the need to feel safe, love and connection.

Now, for further explanation of Dp … let’s go into a discussion with Christine Marie…

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